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The New Standard Of Care Could Be, Eye-Sync Concussion Assessment System

There is no way to objectively diagnose the impact of traumatic concussions, even though they can in all likelihood produce a varied number of symptoms, especially in mild cases. A Silicon Valley based company SyncThink has developed a technique to address the aforesaid issue, which also has the potential to become a standard way of care in order to diagnose concussions.

The system which is called EYE- SYNC system has been granted Breakthrough Device Designation by the FDA. The system uses a pair of virtual reality glasses, outfitted with eye trackers. These are capable of assessing whether an individual is experiencing a concussion or not. It is an established symptom that people who are experiencing a concussion find it difficult to track objects in their field of view. In case of acute concussions, the symptom is easily recognized. However, when the concussion is relatively mild, it becomes difficult to detect the unusual eye movements with naked eye.

The user is supposed to follow the movements of a spot moving around a circle in the EYE- SYNC system. The system provides an easy read chart of the eye activity after it is done tracking how the eyes perform the task.

FDA had granted clearance to the EYE- SYNC three years ago for the purpose of ldquo;recording, viewing, analyzing eye movements in support of identifying visual tracking impairment in human subjectsrdquo;. Though with the new designation that has been awarded to the system, it may be established as a true diagnostic product which will make neurologists consider it as an objective method of diagnosing concussion symptoms even in case of mild concussions.

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Last Updated: 20-Mar-2019