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Satipharm Releases Free CBD Buying Guide

LONDON, March 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Satipharm has released a Free CBD Buying Guide to help customers navigate the growing CBD products market.

Recent research by Satipharm identified significant confusion in this cannabis-related market due partly to the multitude of products and formats being sold, often with unsubstantiated claims or a lack of information regarding dose, quality or bioavailability of the CBD.

Jonathan Hartshorn, CEO of Satipharm commented,

"We can see from online forums that people are craving trustworthy advice about CBD. At Satipharm, we believe that CBD should be easily understood. We have made this CBD Buying Guide freely available to give people a clear understanding of the range of factors to consider when purchasing CBD and empower them to buy CBD with confidence."

Satipharm CBD Gelpell® capsules are made in Switzerland according to the stringent international requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and take the guess work out of dosing compared to bottled oils and other CBD formats. As well as providing a trusted source of CBD, Satipharm's Gelpell® capsules offer better value through their higher bioavailability compared to other formulations, meaning consumers pay less per mg of absorbed CBD with Satipharm than with other products available.

Satipharm's free CBD Buying Guide provides essential advice to anyone who wants to evaluate CBD oil for sale:

  • Explains the key CBD criteria you should look for as marks of quality-
  • Helps you choose where to buy CBD products, enabling you to compare different brands offering cannabis oil for sale
  • Provides scientific evidence regarding points of difference between different CBD product formats
  • Highlights product features that directly impact CBD product effectiveness
  • Explains in plain English how CBD works with your biological system to help keep your body in balance
  • Introduces you to CBD in a way that gives you clear information from a source you can trust

Satipharm's free CBD Buying Guide is quick and easy to read and will help you make decisions about how to introduce CBD into your daily routine or replace your current product with a more effective form of CBD.

Click here to download Your Free CBD Buying Guide from Satipharm


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Last Updated: 01-Mar-2019