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Breast Pumps Market Stand Out as the Biggest Contributor to Global Growth 2019-2028

Breast pumps are manual or mechanical medical devices used to elicit or express breast milk by or from lactating women or mothers. Currently two models of breasts pumps are available in the market namely, manual and electrical breast pumps. Breast pumps have been gaining popularity among working women with babies, as it enables them to express milk, which can then be fed to their child even in their absence.

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Penetration and adoption of breast pumps in developed countries has been slow but steady in recent years. However, increasing awareness and support campaigns from international agencies, governments, non-profit groups, healthcare providers, and other stake holders are helping to raise awareness regarding the benefits of breast pumps. Awareness about these devices is relatively low in developing countries and visibility of breast pumps products is currently low in retail and pharmacies owing to less production by independent entities or relatively lesser known breast pumps manufacturers. Some independent entities in developed countries have emerged as standalone breast pumps manufacturers to cater to increasing demand for manual and electric breast pumps.

Recently, companies have been focusing on introducing portable breast pumps targeting the consumer segment, which is anticipated to result in a surge in market share globally by 2028. Also. owing to increasing demand for electric breast pumps as a result of more convenience as compared to manual pumps, some major players in the field of medical devices and several new entrants are developing and offering new and innovative products to capitalize on market revenue potential. This is a trend that is expected to continue to drive revenue growth of the global breast pumps market over the forecast period.

The global breast pumps market was valued at Million $ in 2017, and is estimated to reach a value of US $ Million by 2026 at a moderate CAGR.

Major factors attributed to growth of the global breast pumps market include government and other non-profit organizations and groups launching initiatives to promote and bring about awareness regarding the importance and benefits of ensuring that infants receive breast milk instead of infant formulas or supplements. Another major factor driving market growth includes increasing number of women joining the general workforce and the advent of the concept of human milk banks. In addition, doctors also recommend women to use breast pumps to stimulate milk supply when the baby is unable to suckle.

Besides the above-mentioned factors, some challenges or conditions faced by new mothers include engorgement, poor attachment, inability of infant to latch on, pain and soreness of breasts or nipple, etc. Also, declining birth rates, increasing aging population, diseases and fertility-related issues, and availability of alternatives (lactation inducing remedies) are expected to hamper growth of the global breast pumps market.

North America represents the largest market in terms of revenue; whereas Asia Pacific represents a fast-growing market with highest CAGR, owing to growing demand for breast pumps. Revenue from the Asia Pacific breast pump market is projected to expand at a significantly high CAGR during the forecast period owing to range of unmet medical needs and rising disposable income.

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