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US Drug Watchdog Launches a National Campaign to Identify Victims of Pharmacy Errors Where Serious Injuries Could Have Occurred and They Invite Capable Personal Injury Lawyers to Participate in the Top 100 US Metro Areas - Exclusively

WASHINGTON, March 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The US Drug Watchdog says, "About half a year ago we began a national investigation into pharmacies dispensing prescriptions to the wrong people and we were not sure what we would discover. A half year later, we can say pharmacies giving prescription medications to the wrong person is a significant enough problem nationwide for us to now want to identify personal injury lawyers in the top 100 metro areas to try to assist people injured by pharmacy errors as we would like to discuss anytime at 866-714-6466."

"The reason we are inviting top 100 US metro area local lawyers/law firms to assist with our pharmacy prescription errors consumer initiative on a metro specific basis is because in cases where the pharmacy error most frequently encountered in a big metro area, the ER visit or hospitalization occurred in a big metro area, and the victim will need a capable personal injury lawyer or law firm to assist them in the same metro area." http://USDrugWatchdog.Com

For more information about the US Drug Watchdog's Pharmacy Medication Errors Initiative, capable personal injury lawyers in a major US metro area are welcome to call the group anytime at 866-714-6466 about what will be involved in participation in this initiative.

While the US Drug Watchdog's initiative is national, it will focus on US major metro areas where they have coverage by local personal injury law firms. The targeted metro areas will include; New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, DC, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Detroit, Charlotte, Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, Portland, Minneapolis, and all other top 100 US metro areas. 

The US Drug Watchdog is warning possible severe health side effects of a pharmacy medication errors may include:

  • Death (example a consumer with a severe heart condition is mistakenly given antibiotics. Some antibiotics can cause arrhythmia with a person with serious heart issues.)
  • Hospitalization (example a pharmacist mistakenly gives a pregnant woman an epilepsy drug, the anticoagulant, or a drug to treat bipolar disorder). These types of drugs have all been linked to severe birth defects.
  • Allergic reactions or a person having a severe reaction that could cause hospitalization.
  • In most instances pharmacy prescription errors are caused by, labeling errors, mix-ups with another patient's order, dispensing the wrong drug or wrong dosage, incompatible health conditions or adverse interactions with other medications.

Note to consumer from the US Drug Watchdog: "If you possess proof your pharmacy gave you the wrong prescription or someone else's prescription, please call us at 866-714-6466 - especially if you were injured by the mistake. We want to make certain you get compensated. However, as mentioned we will need proof of the mistake either being you still are in possession of the incorrect prescription, or your sales receipt indicates the error."

Our initiative is also focused on making certain consumers picking up medications at a pharmacy check to ensure what they are receiving is what was prescribed by their physician, or dentist." http://USDrugWatchdog.Com

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