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TREMFYA One-Press Patient Controlled Injector For Plaque Psoriasis Gets FDA Approval

TREMFYA One- Press single- dose injector by the Janssen Pharma, a part of Johnson amp; Johnson has won FDA clearance for the use of delivering TREMFYA (guselkumab) as treatment for plaque psoriasis ranging from moderate to severe cases.

The interesting fact about the device, TREMFYA One- Press is that it lets the patients decide the pace and the pressure at which the medication needs to be delivered. While the medication is uniformly 100 mg per injection, it additionally lets each patient choose the level of discomfort they are fit to endure.

The needle in the device is generally hidden. It is only when the device is placed against the skin and activated after which the needle surfaces. Patients first need to learn the proper technique of using TREMFYA One- press with the help of their physicians, only after everyone is satisfied, the patients can start using the injections, which need to be performed once in a couple of months; independently.

The TREMFYA has now been made available in the United States. Through a double-blind, placebo-controlled ORION study, the efficacy and safety of TREMFYA administered with One-Press in patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis was also evaluated. The symptoms with One- press related to injection- site reactions were mainly mild and transient in nature.

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Last Updated: 20-Mar-2019