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University Researchers Find Asepticys(TM) Unique Infection-Control Technology Sets Whole New Standard in Protection Against Harmful Pathogens

ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In a recent study in the Journal of Ophthalmic Inflammation and Infection, a team of University researchers found that Asepticys' newly-developed contact lens disinfection solution containing TriFlect™ technology provided more rapid and complete control of dangerous bacteria and harmful pathogens in just minutes, setting a new standard for disinfection, safety, and convenience in the contact lens-care market.

TriFlect™ technology –  known as ASP-57 in Asepticys' product development pipeline – delivers its superior, quicker and safer disinfecting action using a new and unique disinfection system that is far more effective and convenient than the currently marketed solutions.  Given its superior performance and the lack of effective control by other competing products, Asepticys' TriFlect™ technology is poised to disrupt the industry and become the new benchmark in the $1 billion U.S. contact lens care market.

University researchers compared Asepticys' ASP-57 disinfection solution, with two of the leading commercial products on the market – Opti-Free® and BioTrue®.  They found that ASP-57 completely killed all types of bacteria in just minutes, while the other leading commercial brands required 4 to 6 hours to provide basic disinfection or outright failed to meet the minimum disinfection standards.

"These important new findings from the University researchers confirm the potency of Asepticys' TriFlect™ technology, especially when compared with outdated or less effective disinfection technologies still being used in today's leading commercial products," said Todd Rands, Chief Executive Officer at Asepticys.  "Asepticys is bringing desperately needed innovation to combat the constantly evolving pathogenic threats around us, and everyday consumers will soon benefit from a powerful, safe and more rapid disinfection product for their contact lens care.  This is just the first step for Asepticys.  This same highly effective TriFlect™ technology is fueling a pipeline of other promising new infection-fighting products that will set new standards for safety and health in our homes and hospitals."

The study also found that Asepticys' ASP-57 product killed several other serious pathogens like Acanthamoeba, a problematic pathogen most often infecting contact lens-wearers from exposure to local waterways, swimming pools, distilled water, and even air, resulting in a long-term painful eye infection and even blindness.  The other leading commercial brands had no effect against Acanthamoeba. "This research shows that the 45 million contact lens wearers in the U.S. are at substantial risk for serious eye infections with current disinfection products, especially from antibiotic-resistant bacteria and other pathogens like Acanthamoeba that are difficult to control and can cause blindness," said Dr. Rebecca Metzinger, Chief of Ophthalmology at the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System and one of the study's authors.  "Considering the fact that CDC reports show nearly 90 percent of contact lens wearers do not practice safe eye care habits, anyone wearing contact lenses needs to be more aware of the infection risks they are exposed to every day.  When it comes to your vision, safety must be paramount," added Dr. Metzinger. 

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About Asepticys

Asepticys develops Rx and OTC pharmaceutical products that provide fast-acting and broad-spectrum topical infection control against all major classes of pathogens – bacteria, fungal, viral, and amoeba.  Utilizing its novel and patent-protected biocidal compound – called TriFlect™ Technology – the company is rapidly building a platform of topical anti-infective products that target and eliminate serious pathogenic infections.  The company's technology is poised to disrupt the market for infection control, improving the lives of millions of patients.


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