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Backstory By Chronicle; An Alphabet- Owned Subsidiary To Give Businesses A Backstory On How They Got Hacked

Sifting through petabytes- worth of network data to detect whether they have been hacked will be the objective of a new startup by Googlersquo;s parent Alphabet. Alphabetrsquo;s, subsidiary Chronicle which was launch over a year ago, brings the product named Backstory.

The system can process a companyrsquo;s network data for signs of malicious activity, not like an antivirus tool, but a cloud service. For the system to operate, the clients need to upload their ldquo;internal security telemetryrdquo; privately on Backstory. The system will then break it down and flag any data for hacking threats.

The USP of Backstory according to Chronicle is that it can offer a more comprehensive picture of the threat landscape at an affordable price unlike its pre- existing competitors in the market.

In its blog Chronicle explained that since vendors charge their clients on the basis of the amount of information they process, clients end up paying hefty amounts of money in exchange of less security in comparison to Backstory, which has been licensed differently, ensuring value for money.

Large amounts of data including domain name system traffic, computer logs, and other network data can be uploaded by clients on Backstory, which will automatically be then indexed. Ongoing comparison of data against ldquo;threat intelligencerdquo; signals, taken from a varied range of sources including Virus Total a repository for malware sample that is updated continuously and is owned by Alphabet; will be provided by Backstory.

The blog post also mentioned that in less than a second the analysts will know about every device in the company that communicated with any of these domains or IP addresses, ever.

The announcement was made at the RSA security conference in San Francisco by Chronicle, after a yearlong testing of backstory with companies ranging from 500 to 500,000 employees.

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Last Updated: 20-Mar-2019