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StemExpress Announces New Distribution Partnerships

To continue meeting the needs of clients around the world, StemExpress announces the expansion of its global distribution network to include the Asia Pacific and Australia, adding to their existing networks in North America, Europe, and North Africa.  

“We are pleased to announce distribution partnerships with ATCG Limited (Hong Kong), Kim & Friends, Inc. (Korea), BIOTOOLS, Co. (Taiwan), and Custom Science (Australia),” said Matt Phillips, director of business development. “This lineup of reputable distributors is key to our success overseas.”

The global market of regenerative medicine is rising exponentially. Expecting to grow 35% by the year 2035, with a large area of growth occurring in Asia and Australia, StemExpress new partnerships will guarantee the timely supply of quality blood products to aid in the growing demands of the market to help advance medical research.  

Each distributor shares the same passion for timely access to high-quality biological material and shows a strong customer support system with excellent technical support and customer service ensuring topnotch client care.

About StemExpress, LLC

StemExpress is a leading Biospecimen Provider of human bone marrow, cord blood, peripheral blood, mobilized peripheral blood, maternal blood, diseased blood, and human primary cells. StemExpress has a reliable and streamlined process starting with donor recruitment to shipping the final product guaranteeing every sample has the highest purity, viability, and quality.

For more information, please visit or call 530-303-3828.

StemExpress Announces New Distribution Partnerships

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Last Updated: 19-Mar-2019