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Next Generation Sedline To Monitor Children’s Brains Under Anesthesia, Cleared In EU

Next Generation SedLine brain monitoring system for use on pediatric patients over one year old; developed by Masimo, has won European Clearance. Clearance of the technology in the United States and Europe for adult patients, which helps to assess the functioning of the brain while the patient is under anesthesia; had already been granted. The technology can aid in maintaining proper depths of anesthesia to protect the side effects of anesthesia, while simultaneously help in improving post- surgical recovery of the patient.

The objective of the device is to process and analyze signals from four electroencephalogram (EEG) leads placed in a bilateral arrangement outputting a number of parameters including Masimorsquo;s own Patient State Index (PSi). Consistent and accurate results are obtained as the Psi the SedLine has optimizations specific to pediatric patients.

A PSi that is not as easily modulated by electromyography (EMG) interference is a part of the Next Generation SedLine, making it different from the original SedLine. Additionally, the Next Generation SedLine also constitutes of and a Multitaper Density Spectral Array (DSA) that improves the fidelity of the EEG output.

According to Joe Kiani, CEO of Masimo, what Masimo SETreg; did for pulse oximetry is what the Generation SedLine is doing for brain function monitoring. Furthermore, he also said that the Next Generation SedLine is the best and most advanced way to monitor depth of sedation, crucial to help make sure that patients with even the most challenging brains are optimally anesthetized according to the requirement. He also showed gratification for its benefits that are now be made available to those younger patients whose brains are particularly delicate, as their wellbeing is what the company has always targeted.


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Last Updated: 20-Mar-2019