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Early Bird Internal Bleeding Detector; First Of Its Kind Gets FDA Approval

Generally speaking, minimally invasive vascular procedures are a much safer option as compared to open surgeries. However; minimally invasive vascular procedures may have a number of complications that cannot be ignored.

An internal bleeding or blood extravasation from a ruptured or dissected vessel is one of the many complications that may occur due to minimally invasive vascular procedures. This complication usually arises when working with large instruments and devices. Unfortunately, a complication like this goes unnoticed by the physician many a times. By the time it shows its effects, the situation already becomes a rather severe one.

Early Bird bleed monitoring system, is the right solution to this problem. The Early Bird bleed monitoring system has been developed by a company based out of Houston, Texas called Sarnas. The company has recently won FDA approval for the Early Bird bleed monitoring system. It is important to note that this particular Early Bird bleed monitoring system, is one of its kind. The goal of the system is to help save patients in case where transcatheter procedures take an unexpected and unfavorable turn.

A vascular access sheath with embedded bioimpedance sensors that can detect a bleeding event and set off an alarm on the control unit is what the system works off. Currently, the Early Bird bleed monitoring system is being piloted in a few clinical centers. The company is working on rolling out the device for commercial availability eventually.


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Last Updated: 20-Mar-2019