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Scientists Can Study Complex Functionality Of Brain With The Help Of Neuron Tracking Tool

One of the most interesting organs of our body is our brain. Studying it in order to understand how it functions can be possible if we can track and monitor the movements and activities of individual neurons present in the brain. This particular task at this point is very challenging due to its innumerable complexities. It is frustrating for laboratory technicians to visually track single neural cells so diligently that not even the tiniest detail of what is going on is missed by them. CalmAn, a new tool developed has been verified to track large numbers of neurons at the same time. The device has been developed by Flatiron Institute in New Your City, United States.

Partially the system works off through machine learning methods to follow the cells along as they move under the microscope. It turned out that the system was almost as good as trained humans at tracking cells from calcium imaging data; according to the results obtained in a study which was published in journal eLife.

Currently, a number of labs are already using the technique without any hiccups. With the latest study, it is expected that many more institutions will implement this technology and use it confidently. A variety of conditions may finally find cure or therapies once this technique is adopted in scale, as it will help pace up the research work in the field of neuroscience.

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Last Updated: 20-Mar-2019