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Dotmatics Launches 5.4 Informatics Suite with Major Upgrades to Assay Data Management, User Experience and Browser Capabilities

Dotmatics, a leading provider of scientific informatics solutions and services, today announced a new release of its informatics suite, Dotmatics 5.4; designed to handle very large data assays, with enhanced Browser search and featuring a newly refined Notebook interface. For administrators, this upgrade offers new tools to speed up Dotmatics out-of-the-box configurations as well as simplify data integration with external sources. 

The new capabilities within the platform include Screening Ultra which was developed in conjunction with two major pharmaceutical companies – a significant addition to Dotmatics’ existing screening  application. Screening Ultra comes with new APIs to allow automated assay analysis in highly automated screening labs, and to support integration with third-party systems. Given today’s very high data volume assays and the shift towards greater lab automation, the enhancements will help improve overall lab efficiency.

“This iteration of the Dotmatics platform represents the next milestone in our ongoing aim of making the lives of scientists easier and making data more accessible,” commented Stephen Gallagher, CEO of Dotmatics. “Discovery organisations are dealing with ever larger data sets and need intuitive solutions that minimise the time it takes to process data, freeing scientists to focus on the outcomes of their research.”

The 5.4 version also includes major user experience enhancements to Studies and Studies Notebook to give a simplified look and feel, as well as improve data entry and navigation. This makes the notebook easier to learn and to use, and with an icon-based graphical interface, delivers a universal experience for a global collaborative environment. In addition, new capabilities in the Browser now enable users to search both subscription data repositories and web-based public data sources through a single integrated workflow.

“In today’s collaborative environment, platforms need to be accessible and easy to use by many teams – including partners such as CROs, as well as globally dispersed employees that speak different languages,” commented Alastair Hill, CTO of Dotmatics. “What’s more, end-users don’t want to keep learning how to use new software, so by making Dotmatics 5.4 easier to use than ever we can help scientists to be far more efficient with their time in the lab, and spend more time innovating.”

The main new Dotmatics 5.4 ( capabilities are outlined below and will be demonstrated via webinar on the 15th May, ‘What’s New in 5.4’  as well as in person at the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo Booth #524.

Screening Ultra

  • New APIs allow automated assay analysis supporting highly automated screening labs
  • New APIs for 3rd party application integration
  • Define business rules to automatically classify assay results, freeing assay scientists to focus on the important outcomes, and standardizing analysis
  • New protocol definition tools designed for biologists, without the need to know coding or scripting
  • More configuration per protocol means fewer protocols required to define assays, simplifying protocol maintenance

Studies/Notebook User Experience

  • Icon based navigation for ease of use, and simplified adoption across multiple language deployments such as CRO collaboration notebooks
  • Clean new design for dashboards and navigation screens
  • ELN Templates now optimize available input space and minimize clicks with
  • Dynamically resizing tables that can be expanded/collapsed
  • In-line write text write up and masks
  • Smoother data refresh on edit
  • Consistent, icon driven experiment action buttons


Browser data source configurations now support non-SQL data sources that provide API endpoints

  • Search public and subscription on-line data sources
  • Configure a Browser data source to a RESTFul API
  • Send queries and populate forms with data returned over API


A wizard driven graphical interface is now available to allow system administrators to publish configurations between servers, for example allowing a streamlined rollout of new capabilities to production for example.  Administrator can more easily:

  • Publish Dotmatics Browser projects, datasource configurations and/or forms
  • Move configuration between development, test and production servers
  • Create new projects and/or datasources or merge into existing ones on the destination server
  • Utilize wizard driven user interfaces that replace database scripting and manual configuration

Customers with existing module licenses receive the 5.4 upgrades by logging into the Dotmatics support site.

Last Updated: 23-Apr-2019