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Sirio’s Ayanda launches probiotic softgel at Vitafoods Europe

Europe (Brandenburg), Asia & The United States, 23 April, 2019: Ayanda – the European headquarters of the Sirio Group, a global nutraceutical contract development, innovation and manufacturing organization (CDiMO) – announces it has secured a European patent for softgel capsules able to contain an active probiotic bacteria, as well as at least one oil (e.g. Omega 3). This is a breakthrough in the group’s ability to develop and deliver a  new probiotic dosage form – adding to the company's existing probiotic capabilities in hard capsules, tablets and powdersticks. This true nutraceutical innovation will be unveiled to the wider market for the first time at Vitafoods Europe – on stand (F14) and during a presentation on May 8th at 1pm.


Until now, softgel capsules were required to be manufactured at high temperatures and humidity, which leads to the destruction of probiotics, meaning softgel probiotic formulations were unviable. Ayanda however, has spent 10-years perfecting its new approach using a gentle method, whereby the survival rate of probiotics is vastly increased. The innovation enables the manufacture of softgel capsules comprising uncoated probiotic bacteria alongside at least one oil – e.g. fish oil with DHA and EPA, and vitamins in one single softgel.


Creation of the patented process was achieved by optimally adjusting to the specific characteristics of probiotics, which uniquely minimises the loss of viable cells during production. Ayanda designed process parameters that dramatically improve survival rates and defined packaging and storage conditions accordingly.  


Ahead of the new innovations unveiling at Vitafoods Europe, Dr. Dominique Baum, Managing Director at Ayanda, commented: “The industry has spent a long time trying to develop a product like this, and using this new production method we are able to balance the survival of probiotics and the formation of an intact softgel capsule – so it is a big achievement. It will enable Ayanda to offer unique softgel probiotics coupled with an additional oil – crucially reducing the number of dosages consumers need to get their supplement needs. With this new technology, we expect to see a large interest from nutraceutical brand owners, as it opens up many possibilities for truly novel products.”


The European Patent Office has published the listing in the European Patent Bulletin for “an improved process for producing a softgel capsule comprising viable probiotic bacteria and a softgel comprising viable probiotic bacteria with a long shelf life”.


Ayanda’s core business is the development and manufacture of complex softgels containing up to 10 or more ingredients. This new technology forms part of a wider innovation strategy and corporate culture at Ayanda and Sirio – following the announcement of the company’s enhanced global R&D group with both European and China teams currently undertaking proactive research on a number of projects. These include the creation of new nutraceutical dosage forms and formulations to help customers advance products to market faster.


“We started this particular project with the simple goal of trying to combine the advantages of Omega 3 fatty acids and probiotics in one single softgel capsule. For consumers there is a clear gap in the market, as at present they need two different dosages. But for brand owners, this opens-up many customer segments from the ‘unborn child and mother’ to all adults thoughtful of preserving vitality, vision and vascular health. Making both components available in one capsule represents a valuable addition to healthcare,” added Baum.



About Ayanda

Ayanda is a European based member of Sirio Group with more than 20 years of experience in contract manufacturing of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical private label softgel products, that not only comply with but exceed industry standards and expectations.

Ayanda’s core business is development and manufacturing of complex softgels containing up to 10 or more ingredients. The company has a strict focus on quality and is dedicated to exceeding global quality requirements.


Ayanda is a Pharma GMP approved site, holds IFS Food Standard and BRC certifications, both graded at highest score. Since sustainability matters more and more to customers and consumers, Ayanda is organic certified and holds two certificates for sustainable seafood: FOS (Friend of the Sea) and MSC (Marine Stewardship Council).


Since December 2016, Ayanda has been a SIRIO Group company, owned by Sirio Pharma Co. Ltd.


Founded in 1993, Sirio Pharma Co., Ltd (SIRIO) is the leading global nutraceutical CDMO specialized in developing and manufacturing quality products including softgel, capsule, tablet, powder, gummy, oral liquid, probiotics and other dosage forms. The company has extensive capabilities with multiple manufacturing sites in China, as well as manufacturing facilities in Europe and marketing teams in the USA. SIRIO is devoted to offering one-stop solutions including product developing, manufacturing, packaging and logistics to its customers.


SIRIO is approved by TGA-GMP, NPA/UL GMP, BRC, UL's Management System 21 CFR Part 111, ISO 9001:2015 certification, and etc. Cooperating with many well-known nutraceutical companies, SIRIO is committed to providing products and service to customers all around the world.


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