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Unipharm has Launched The Revolutionary Pharma Supply Chain Software for Better and Faster Operations

Summary: Retailers can now get a quick supply of medicines without any hassle. Unipharm has come up with pharma supply chain software to eliminate the manual work.  

13 April 2019: Retailers of pharmacies can now place an order to their distributors through Unipharm’s new pharma supply chain platform and get the medicines in time. The app is great for retailers even in a remote location since the Unipharm has its delivery and dispatch network for the distributors to reach out.

“Speed and timeliness are of great consequence in the medical world. Distributors and retailers can now benefit from our app. Retailers have to place the order, track and get the medicines all from our app. We have a better outreach and our efficient teams ensure speedy delivery too,” affirms Mr. Jatin Mashru, Founder of Unipharm.

Retailers are accounted for 80-85% of the total market share in India. They always want a solution to this entire pipeline of the supply chain. Admittedly, quite a few medicine supply chain applications exist, but they may be another store by the block. Unipharm gives a holistic shipping and delivery platform for the retailers and distributors of the medicinal products.

Moreover, this machine-learning backed supply chain solution can help retailers with procurement. It can analyze the large data set and improves the demand forecast accuracy and help retailers to place the order well advance.

Distributors willing to get more retailers, and retailers, aiming to do big business, can find the solution very feasible. The retailers will need to place the order, and then they can track the order on the Unipharm app. There would not be any need to follow up calls, or mail since the app will display all these details on the dashboard.

About the company: Unipharm is a leading name in the pharma logistics world. The efficient app is of easy use and provides transparency for the people working in this domain. As a company with experience in the creation and managing pharma supply chain software, Unipharm has come a long way.

Unipharm has Launched The Revolutionary Pharma Supply Chain Software for Better and Faster Operations
Last Updated: 25-Apr-2019