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CROPRIME announces a new smart feasibility programme supporting clinical trials

London, UK – 25 April 2019, CROPRIME Ltd, a clinical research organisation focused on providing tailor-made clinical trials services to the pharmaceutical industry announces today launching a new feasibility SMART programme. The idea of a modern age feasibility activities includes using new generation data tools.

Identifying new sites was always quite challenging. With new CROPRIME analytics, it became more efficient and more effective. CROPRIME conducts feasibility based on facts, their knowledge and professional experience. This is the reason why they offer comprehensive feasibility activities and feasibility consulting.

For years, the big question was how to evaluate the possibility of conducting a clinical trial in a specific region or a country? How to stay in the budget and complete feasibility within the estimated timelines? All these are possible once the feasibility activities are well planned and perfectly conducted.

Where to start? A SMART feasibility programme focuses on a professionally built database and intelligent analytics. Running a well-developed data allow starting feasibility quite quickly. The smart programme can analyse sites based on a region, specialization, previous clinical trials experience, access to patient’s population important for the specific study, the experience of the personnel and previous clinical trials activities. The system is a smart way of assessing the site.

A first feasibility step is called the pre-assessment. Using well-developed data can make the pre-assessment faster and easier. Professional feasibility team can easily filter the most suitable sites and the best investigators. The real feasibility can start quickly. It eliminates cold calls to sites which are not suitable at all. It eliminates sending emails to not qualifying sites.

After the smart pre-assessment, CROPRIME moves to a next step which is more traditional but still, a smart personal assessment realised onsite by a feasibly professional team.

Thanks to smart feasibility CROPRIME offers perfectly engineered clinical trials. All starts from the smart feasibility based on customizing activities. The analytics are based on sites, patients, landscape and screening/enrolment analysis. All those become a part of smart questionnaires which support the evaluation.

Using SMART feasibility assessment tool saves time and costs. It eliminates hours spent on searching for the best site, the most suitable investigator and the best location. Pre-assessment gives the opportunity to develop a project in a very effective way and within a budget. We should never forget that time is money!

CROPRIME announces a new smart feasibility programme supporting clinical trials

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Last Updated: 29-Apr-2019