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Neuronytics To Speak On The Role Of Blockchain And AI In Healthcare At World Blockchain STO Summit

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, April 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Neuronytics, the new health tech brand using neurobiomarkers, blockchain, and artificial intelligence to reframe preventive health solutions, will attend the annual World Blockchain STO Summit this week. Adam K. Anderson, PhD, Neuronytics' Chief Scientific Officer and associate professor at Cornell University, will speak about Neuronytics' disruptive approach to population and preventive health and how blockchain can be incorporated into healthcare to empower patients and providers. Jeffrey Seidel, Neuronytics' Chief Financial Officer, will discuss Neuronytics' STO opportunity.

Neuronytics has created a health coaching solution based on neurobiomarkers collection focused on improving global preventive health and bolstering the availability and ownership of information for patients. Through incorporating blockchain, they are revolutionizing both the healthcare and data spaces by harnessing the power of data analysis to drive preventive health solutions. Their unique platform simplifies health data, allowing patients to leverage their personal information in a new and user-friendly manner, with games providing a digestible mechanism toward more informed healthcare decisions.

The "Wedget," the world's first biosensing game controller, acts as the conduit between patient and data. Breath-controlled mobile games measure biomarkers of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) measuring real-time physiological impact of lifestyle, work, and exercise on one's physical, mental, and emotional health. This is where blockchain enters the picture and data is analyzed using a decentralized, safe and secure system, thereby leading to AI learning that helps identify and monitor potential health risks. These learnings can be used to produce applicable preventive health and wellness results, as well as illustrate the patient and provider advantages or health data ownership and commodification.

"We look forward to sharing our unique approach to healthcare and blockchain with the community of disruptors attending the World Blockchain STO Summit," said Anderson. "Neuronytics is the platform empowering decision makers, from physicians and patients to workplaces and underserved communities. As we help build better health outcomes, we are also focused on improving the understanding and leverage of patient health data through blockchain and AI."

"It is a privilege to work on a team that intends to disrupt healthcare from patient solutions to availability of information, and we are excited to bring our new ideas to Dubai," said Seidel. "Neuronytics' approach to security token offering combines elements that are lacking in most current offerings, allowing contributors to open new pathways to hybrid securities and investment models."

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About Neuronytics
Neuronytics is pairing digital biomarkers with ArtiĀ­ficial Intelligence (Al) and creating a data marketplace to enhance preventive healthcare and boost human performance. Because your brain knows more about your health than a blood or a DNA test, Neuronytics focuses on analyzing neuronal activity to detect conditions before it's too late to treat, and to coach and implement secondary and tertiary preventive healthcare when conditions are already here. Neuronytics is an on-demand solution, which is ultimately part of the sharing economy, allowing millions of ordinary users to gain extra revenue from their unused/idle resources, while tracking their health.

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