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Energy and Environmental Services, Inc. Announces Positive Results from Probiotic Feed Study

OKLAHOMA CITY, May 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Energy and Environmental Services, Inc. (OTC-PINK: EESE) and Nature's Formula Inc. conducted a probiotic feed study with North Carolina State University on 20 to 21-day old weaned piglets.  "We found exactly what we were looking for," stated Todd Jelinek, President of EES and degreed microbiologist.  The white paper study involved a probiotic supplement developed by EES and Nature's Formula, which was mixed into the piglets' diet.  The study showed a 10% increase in weight in the test group over the control group.  The supplement was added to the normal feed mix and fed over a 34-day period.   

"The importance of probiotics to any diet is essential.  Applying this probiotic diet to newly weaned piglets showed the increase we were looking for.  We wanted to prove that applying the right probiotic mix to an animal's diet will increase natural weight gain over any normal feeding programs," stated Bill Strange, founder of Nature's Formula. 

"We are seeing superior gains in cattle fed the probiotic supplement.  The cattle are filling out and squaring up in less time than normal.  Horses on the supplement are also filling out and gaining muscle tone quicker," added Bill Strange.   

EES's Todd Jelinek explained the process: "The magic of our proprietary probiotic supplement is that it increases the health of the digestive system.  Our microbes are showing levels of robustness and activity that surpass competing products."

After researching the results, Todd Jelinek, President of EES, stated, "My experience as a microbiologist showed me that there were trends in this study.  The control group consistently showed higher numbers of the microbial groups that were less beneficial to the gut whereas the test group consistently showed higher numbers of the beneficial microbes. 

"We hope to show producers by feeding our probiotic supplement to their livestock, they can reduce their feed cost and get more gain."

About Nature's Formula
Nature's Formula, Inc. ("NF"), based in Texas, manufactures and markets all direct fed microbial products, feeds and supplements to the Farm and Ranch business segment.  NF specializes in probiotic products.  NF also offers an OMRI-certified fertilizer for organic farming.  The Bio-Sure Grow is a natural quick response formulation of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to boost plant growth and help plants flourish through stress conditions.  Beneficial microbes in plants and animals take away the stress and help them to grow to their full potential.

About EES
Energy and Environmental Services, Inc. (OTC: EESE) based in Edmond, Oklahoma, participates in the oilfield chemical, anti-corrosive coatings and biotech industries.  EES was established in 1991 and management has over 50 years of experience blending, manufacturing and packaging custom liquids and solid chemicals for the oil and gas, farm and ranch, and agricultural industries.  Additionally, EES has expanded to manufacture coated oil and gas pump barrels, OMRI-certified liquid fertilizer, and other products and applications for livestock feed supplements, specialized anti-corrosive coatings and enzyme system technologies.   Please visit the company's website at

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