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Inpharamo will facilitate the entry of Clinerion into the Mexican clinical research market.

  • Inpharamo, a subsidiary of the Spanish multinational Semicrol, has signed a collaboration agreement to support the entry of the Swiss company Clinerion, dedicated to optimizing the identification of patients who are candidates for participation in clinical trials in Mexico.
  • The partnership will be officially launched during the 2nd International Congress of Clinical Research, to be held in Guadalajara from May 16th to 18th.
  • The new partnership is grounded on the exemplary performance of the existing partnership signed in Spain between Semicrol and Clinerion in September, 2018.


Semicrol will facilitate the entry of Clinerion into Mexico through its subsidiary Inpharamo. Inpharamo’s network of contacts will serve as the gateway for the Swiss company into the country. Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion, and Ricardo Márquez, Medical Director of Inpharamo, will officially launch the partnership during the second edition of the International Congress of Clinical Research, Mexico, to be held from May 16th to 18th, in Guadalajara (Jalisco).


The partnership between Inpharamo and Clinerion is grounded on the success to-date of the alliance established by Semicrol and Clinerion in September, 2018, which has enabled the integration of the functionality of Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer with that of Semicrol’s Fundanet CTMS (clinical trial management system). This has provided a new tool for Fundanet users that improves the process of identifying candidate patients for clinical trials.


After a successful collaboration in Spain and Colombia, this partnership now expands to include Mexican hospitals and clinical research institutes in the network participating in Clinerion’s community. In support of this, Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion, will speak at the International Congress of Clinical Research in Mexico, addressing the benefits of the introduction of Big Data technologies in clinical research and the impact they have on the growth of studies.


Patient Network Explorer dramatically accelerates clinical research by substantially improving the efficiency and effectiveness of patient recruitment for clinical trials. It streamlines the process of locating and selecting potential participants for a clinical trial. Its incorporation to the services offered by Fundanet CTMS gives users access to a network of more than 70 million patients in 17 countries.


Inpharamo and Clinerion previously jointly attended the IMC Summit, organized by the Mexican Medical Training Institute (IMC) in Mexico City, in March. There, both firms stressed the importance of modernizing clinical research processes with innovative tools and processes based on new technologies. Luis Magalhaes, representing Clinerion, gave a talk entitled "Electronic Health Records: the future of medical records and their importance in specialized medicine".


“Clinerion’s entry into the clinical research field in Mexico provides great advantages when it comes to optimizing the creation of clinical protocols, making them based on real patient data in the clinical context of interest, and enables the most proactive selection of candidates eligible for participation in the trials,” says Ricardo Márquez Oñate, Medical Director of Inpharamo. “This saves time, minimizes costs and boosts the local research market. This will make Mexico a more attractive location when it comes to the selection of trial centers by collaborating institutions or sponsors.”


“Clinerion and Semicrol’s technologies complementarily support the optimal set-up and running of clinical trials,” says Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion. “Together, we bring great benefits of acceleration and efficiency to clinical research teams. We are pleased that this new partnership with Inpharamo offers another way for the two companies to work together, accelerating patient access to innovative medical treatments in Mexico.”


International Congress of Clinical Research website:



About Clinerion


Clinerion accelerates clinical research and medical access to treatments for patients. We use proprietary technologies for analysis of patient data from our global network of partner hospitals. Clinerion's Patient Network Explorer radically improves the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trial recruitment by offering data-driven protocol optimization, site feasibility evaluation and real-time patient search and identification to match patients to treatments. Our technology solution provides real-world evidence analytics for medical access. Clinerion facilitates the participation of partner hospitals in leading-edge, industry-sponsored trials and time savings in patient recruitment. We create innovative and disruptive fit-for-purpose solutions which enable pharmaceutical companies to shorten patient recruitment and save costs by streamlining operations and leveraging strategic intelligence. Clinerion’s proprietary Big Data analytics technologies leverage real-time data from electronic health records which comply with international patient privacy and data security regulations. Clinerion is a global data technology service company headquartered in Switzerland.


Clinerion website:

Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer:


For more information, please contact:

Le Vin Chin

Director, Head of Marketing & Communications

Clinerion Ltd

Elisabethenanlage 11, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

Tel.: +41 61 865 60 54



About Semicrol and Inpharamo


Semicrol is a leading company in designing and developing software solutions aimed at achieving excellence in research management. The company provides Cloud-based systems and tools that increase the efficiency and profitability of clinical research processes.


Inpharamo is a company created to introduce in Mexico innovative connected medical devices that already work in other parts of the world such as Europe or the United States. The new company, 50% owned by Semicrol, aims to replicate in Mexico the model of success achieved through Alive Health Systems in Spain. Inpharamo was born from the excellent relationship between Semicrol and the research consultancy Science Innovation Mexico, directed by Dr. Ricardo Marquez.


Fundanet CTMS is a world-class clinical trial management system designed to provide quick and easy access to study or subject information using simple and intuitive navigation. It is one of the customizable modules that make up Fundanet Suite.


Semicrol is an international company headquartered in the Science and Technology Park of Santander (Spain). It also has local offices in Mexico and Colombia for the LATAM region. Semicrol is composed of more than 70 people dedicated to consulting, software development, implementation and maintenance of information systems and applications for hospitals, research institutes, universities, pharmaceutical companies, CROs and medical device companies.


Semicrol’s website:

Semicrol’s Fundanet Suite:

Inpharamo’s website:


For more information, please contact:

Vicente Alciturri Fernández

International Director


C/ Isabel Torres, 7, 39011 Santander, Cantabria, Spain

Tel.: +34 942 314 224

Inpharamo will facilitate the entry of Clinerion into the Mexican clinical research market.

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