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SMi’s Lyophilisation 2019 Conference: Interview with Geoff Smith

Geoff Smith from De Montford University will be speaking at SMi’s 7th Annual Lyophilisation Conference which will take place in London on 3rd – 4th June 2019. He will be speaking on the applications for impedance spectroscopy in the determination of in-vial phase behaviour. Ahead of the conference, SMi interviewed Geoff where he gave a taster on what he will be discussing.

Geoff Smith:

“The first technology we developed was the through vial impedance spectroscopy technique – which enables the application of electrical impedance measurements to the product container during the process of freeze-drying – in a development scale freeze-dryer. The second, more recent application for impedance spectroscopy has been the integration of IS with a freeze-drying microscope for formulation development purposes.”

“The TVIS technology we have developed to date requires the electrode system to be attached to the outside of the vial and hard-wired to the measurement instrument (outside the dryer) via a pass-through on some port on the drying chamber. TVIS applications on development scale dryers are therefore accessible with this approach, however, for the larger dryers an alternative methodology is required, one which requires the development of a new class of impedance analyser.”

The full interview is available in the Download Centre on the website


SMi’s Lyophilisation 2019 Conference: Interview with Geoff Smith

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Last Updated: 16-May-2019