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EMC Szpitale, Poland, brings access to innovative treatments to its patients by joining Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform.

EMC Szpitale augments Clinerion’s patient coverage in Poland by joining the Patient Network Explorer platform. Patients at the hospital group will gain greater access to clinical trials, and actively support in accelerating the successful launch of innovative medical treatments.


Joining Clinerion’s hospital partner network gives EMC Szpitale’s higher visibility to trial sponsors on their readiness to participate in clinical research on an international level. EMC Szpitale patients will gain better access to clinical care as the Patient Network Explorer draws international clinical studies to the hospital group, directly to the patients who will benefit most from participation in trials. Patients will also benefit from the efficiencies created in the clinical research process by Patient Network Explorer which contribute to getting drugs faster to market. Patient Network Explorer’s efficiencies include accelerating study protocol development, identifying suitable trial sites, and speeding up patient search and identification for trial enrollment.


EMC Szpitale operates 11 hospitals and 19 outpatient clinics, providing primary and specialized medical care to over one million patients across Poland. EMC Szpitale specializations include advanced diagnostics to comprehensive hospital treatment in gastroenterology, rehabilitation, urology, orthopedics, general surgery, gynecology, obstetrics and geriatric care. Currently, the hospital group is running 37 different clinical trials.


EMC Szpitale is the first hospital group in Poland to use an artificial intelligence technology supporting oncologists in choosing optimal cancer treatments. With their focus on geriatric care, EMC Szpitale is a partner of the nationwide social campaign ‘Understand Old Age’. The hospital group pioneers innovative ways of thinking and operational processes. The implementation of Lean Management at the hospital in Lubin has been recognized with the award for the Innovative Hospital 2017 in the Success of the Year in Healthcare competition.


“We care for our patients. Everyday. In a better way. That’s why we work to increase interest and enrollment in clinical trials to ultimately ensure greater availability of innovative therapies for our patients,” says Anna Szewczuk-Lebska, spokesperson for EMC Szpitale.


“Sponsors are looking for trials sites with the highest levels of care, therapeutic experience and clinical expertis,” says Ian Rentsch, Clinerion CEO. “EMC Szpitale’s broad therapeutic coverage and geographical situation make it a great partner for them and for Clinerion.”



About Clinerion


Clinerion accelerates clinical research and medical access to treatments for patients. We use proprietary technologies for analysis of patient data from our global network of partner hospitals. Clinerion's Patient Network Explorer radically improves the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trial recruitment by offering data-driven protocol optimization, site feasibility evaluation and real-time patient search and identification to match patients to treatments. Our technology solution provides real-world evidence analytics for medical access. Clinerion facilitates the participation of partner hospitals in leading-edge, industry-sponsored trials and time savings in patient recruitment. We create innovative and disruptive fit-for-purpose solutions which enable pharmaceutical companies to shorten patient recruitment and save costs by streamlining operations and leveraging strategic intelligence. Clinerion’s proprietary Big Data analytics technologies leverage real-time data from electronic health records which comply with international patient privacy and data security regulations. Clinerion is a global data technology service company headquartered in Switzerland.


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For more information, please contact:

Le Vin Chin

Director, Head of Marketing & Communications

Clinerion Ltd

Elisabethenanlage 11, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

Tel.: +41 61 865 60 54



About EMC Szpitale


EMC Szpitale is a leading hospital group in Poland operating 11 hospitals and 19 outpatient clinics. The group provides care to over one million patients across the country - from primary and specialized medical care, advanced diagnostics to comprehensive hospital treatment. EMC Szpitale excels in gastroenterology, rehabilitation, urology, orthopedics, general surgery, as well as gynecology and obstetrics. EMC Szpitale offers state-of-the-art diagnostics, treatment and care for the elderly in geriatric hospital and multiple long-term care centers. The majority of patients use EMC Szpitale services under the National Health Fund (NFZ). Currently, there are 80 patients in 37 different clinical trials at EMC Szpitale.


CCRI website:


For more information, please contact:

Anna Szewczuk-Łebska

PR Manager

EMC Instytut Medyczny SA

  1. Śląska 1, Stadion Wrocław, 54-118 Wrocław, Poland

Tel.: +48 727 600 422

EMC Szpitale, Poland, brings access to innovative treatments to its patients by joining Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform.

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Last Updated: 20-May-2019