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Agar Scientific launches uranium-free UA-Zero® EM Stain

Agar Scientific has unveiled the latest addition to its range of microscopy stains, UA-Zero® EM Stain, a non-radioactive alternative to the traditional Uranyl Acetate. UA-Zero is a direct replacement for Uranyl Acetate, offering comparable results from the same standard processes, while simultaneously eliminating the safety and logistical issues associated with stains derived from uranium.


For decades, electron microscopists worldwide have relied on Uranyl Acetate solution for staining biological samples, however, it can be hard to obtain and is subject to stringent and restrictive regulations – as well as additional costs – when it comes to transportation, use and disposal. UA­Zero is a new, efficient, non-toxic, uranium-free alternative that delivers comparable results to Uranyl Acetate, and can be directly substituted into existing laboratory protocols. In contrast to uranyl acetate, it does not require specialist handling and disposal, and can be exported worldwide without the logistical problems of the past.


Paul Balas, Technical Director at Agar Scientific said: “Microscopists have long sought a non-toxic, uranium-free alternative to uranyl acetate, and we are delighted to be able to meet this need. We are sure UA-Zero will have a huge impact in the field, and look forward to supplying it to customers, old and new.”


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Last Updated: 28-May-2019