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Creative Diagnostics Launches Graphene and Graphene Oxide for Bio-applications

With years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life science sector, Creative Diagnostics recently released a comprehensive list of graphene and graphene oxide with different layers and sizes, which can be applied in advanced composite materials, batteries, solar cells, supercapacitors, catalysts, biosensors, and drug delivery.

Graphene is an allotrope of carbon in the form of a two-dimensional, atomic-scale, honey-comb lattice in which one atom forms each vertex. It is the thinnest known material in the universe and the strongest ever measured, which can be 100 times stronger than the strongest steel. Graphene has found wide applications in batteries, solar cells, supercapacitors, catalysts, biosensors, drug delivery, and so on. Graphene products such as Graphene Dispersion, N-doped Graphenes, Graphene Oxide, Graphene Oxide Dispersion, Reduced Graphene Oxide, and Graphene, 1-3 layers are all available at Creative Diagnostics.

"Our graphene products are noted for the mechanical and thermal properties. All of our products are subjected to a rigorous QC, ensuring with high quality and reproducibility. We supply graphene products with both small research quantity and large industrial scale. It is easy to use and a more cost-effective research tool for all scientists." said Dr. Jessica Waldorf, chief scientific officer of R&D department, at Creative Diagnostics.

"As applications for graphene products continue to expand, we'll developed more nanoparticles products to meet laboratories' requirements, as well as quality assurance and quality control analytical processes to make sure the products quality. It is absolutely critical to ensure that scientists have the best tools that are likely to be most appropriate for their study projects." said Alex, one of a senior scientific officers at Creative Diagnostics.

For more detailed information on graphene and graphene oxide, please contact Creative Diagnostics directly at 1-631-619-7922 or email to You'll find more about their newly released products.

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Creative Diagnostics is a leading manufacturer of magnetic particles, antibody arrays, critical immunoassay kits, reagents and related products for immunoassay development. Creative Diagnostics is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive list of products and fit-for-purpose custom design services to academia as well as industrial researchers and assay developers all around the world.

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Last Updated: 30-May-2019