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SkinBioTherapeutics shortlisted for Best Technology at European Mediscience Awards 2019

UK skin health company, SkinBioTherapeutics, has been shortlisted for Best Technology at the European Mediscience Awards 2019 for its innovative SkinBiotix® technology which is developing skin health therapies derived from the skin microbiome. The Best Technology award recognises technology that is innovative, well-funded, and capable of significant commercial success.

Powered by the discoveries about lysates and the skin microbiome made at the University of Manchester by Professor Cath O’Neill and Professor Andrew McBain, SkinBioTherapeutics is developing a range of scientifically-validated treatments derived from probiotic bacteria for use in cosmetics, infection control products and for the treatment of eczema.

The skin, the body’s largest organ, is colonised by a diverse range of microorganisms which make up the skin microbiome. SkinBioTherapeutics’ patented skin microbiome technology, SkinBiotix®, applies lysates derived from probiotic bacteria to the skin, and has been shown to improve the barrier effect of skin models, protect skin models from infection and repair skin models.

The lysates work by increasing the skins barrier integrity through enhancing the formation of multi-protein complexes called 'tight junctions'. Tight junctions seal the space between adjacent cells to prevent the passage of toxins, molecules and ions through these spaces. They also help to protect the skin from infection by outcompeting harmful pathogens and increase the rate of skin healing in response to injury.

Recent independent human study data demonstrated that the SkinBiotix® lysate technology is safe, well tolerated and has efficacy in certain age groups when applied to healthy skin.

Professor Cath O’Neill, CEO of SkinBioTherapeutics, said, “We are delighted to have been shortlisted for Best Technology at this year’s European Mediscience Awards. Regardless of the result, for SkinBiotix® to be recognised among so many other fantastic technologies is a proud moment. This follows on the recent positive human study data which validated the technology. We are all looking forward to the awards night on 13 June and wish luck to all the other nominees.”

Now in its 18th year, the European Mediscience Awards recognises the successes and achievements of private and publicly quoted healthcare, biotech and life science companies from across Europe. Over 500 European companies and their corporate advisors, analysts, fund managers, commentators and peers will be in attendance at the awards dinner.

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Last Updated: 03-Jun-2019