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New accessories make lab washer loading a breeze

Miele’s latest range of laboratory washer accessories make loading times shorter, helping to save valuable research time.

The EasyLoad collection, for Miele’s under-bench PG model washers, also has the added benefits of being flexible and robust.

Thanks to the new injector design, any item can be placed over any injector, without the need to manually adjust heights.

Water is pushed out through the sides of the injector tip, as well as vertically, so items are cleaned effectively even if glassware is resting on the top of the injector.  This saves loading time and makes it much simpler to train staff on operation.

Glassware is protected in-wash with robust injector bases and optional frames, made from protective material, to hold delicate items in place.  And depending on load configuration, an extra 9cm of height can be achieved to wash taller items.

Miele’s scientific & medical technical specialist, Malcolm Peck, explained the new EasyLoad range made it much easier for customers to order the correct accessories for their needs and reduced storage requirements.

“There are just three options of rack which are two, three or four injectors wide, depending on the size of the glassware or other items you need to wash,” he said.

“Each EasyLoad rack features alternating short and tall injectors, but if needs be we can customise these to suit customers’ exact needs.

“All of these small improvements add up to make a much more streamlined washer loading process.”

All EasyLoad accessories can be retro-fitted to existing Miele PG model washers, by simply clipping them into the baskets.

For more information or to order email or visit the Miele GB website.

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Last Updated: 07-Jun-2019