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Creative Biolabs: A Pioneer in Antibody-drug Conjugate Field

Creative Biolabs, an international cooperation located in New York, USA, has devoted itself in advanced antibody biochemistry and engineering for over 10 years. Supported by rich experienced scientists and technicians, Creative Biolabs has established the leadership in targeted immunotherapy and antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) development, which offers comprehensive one-stop-shop of all aspects in ADC research and evaluation, ranging from antigen selection, antibody production/optimization, payload-linker synthesis, ADC conjugation, to various stages of ADC characterization and pre-clinical evaluation. Furthermore, there are extensive linkers, payloads, payload-linker sets, and commonly used ADCs for quick deployment and concept validation.


A successful ADC project requires a professional ADC development platform, a knowledgeable technical team and close cooperation between clients and Creative Biolabs.  To perfectly meet each specific need of global clients, the ADC development services in Creative Biolabs extends from the starting point—antibody screening, to the final destination—creation and evaluation of the ADC, every step of the way.


1 ADC Antibody Screening

To acquire a few suitable monoclonal antibodies for specific target recognition, Creative Biolabs uses well-established phage display platform to equip antibodies with high antigen specificity and binding affinity and develops a unique “internalizing antibody screening” service platform to exert strong tendency for internalization after antigen binding via methods such as pH-sensitive dye, fluorescent labeling. Meanwhile for a quick, high throughput screening of antibodies suitable for ADC applications, Creative Biolabs has prepared a series of “Anti-Ab ADCs” that are essentially antibody recognizing proteins (for instance protein A, protein G, polyclonal secondary antibodies against Fc region) conjugated with various toxin-linker complexes (e.g. Mc-MMAF, Mc vc pab MMAE…).


2 DrugLnk™ Custom Synthesis

Creative Biolabs have developed the “DrugLnk” service platform to help clients design, select, engineer and synthesize ADC linkers. “DrugLnk”, the categories of drug module containing various cytotoxins include microtubule toxins, DNA toxins, transcription toxins, nanocarriers, protein toxins, toxic enzymes/ADEPT, inhibitors. The “DrugLnk” linker module is designated for linker design based on drug release mechanisms, including pH-sensitive linkers, disulfide linkers, peptide linkers, β-glucuronide linkers, non-cleavable linkers.


3 Antibody Design and Conjugation

Scientists at Creative Biolabs are experienced in performing Lysine conjugation (amine reaction) as well as Cysteine conjugation (thiol reactions) to create ADCs using these endogenous sites and are also expertise in exploiting Tyrosine conjugation approaches as another innovated endogens site for ADC development.


4 ADC in vitro Analysis

Creative Biolabs offers a comprehensive set of ADC in vitro analysis services that can be divided in to three categories: biochemical analysis, in vitro efficacy evaluation, 3D in vitro.  The biochemical analysis includes structural ADC analysis, ADC stability analysis, drug antibody ratio (DAR) determination, conjugation sites analysis. In vitro efficacy evaluation contains ADC affinity evaluation, internalization assays, cytotoxicity assays, ADCC and CDC assays. 3D in vitro includes ADC targeting profile, ADC tumor penetration, ADC solid tumor efficacy.


5 ADC in vivo Analysis

Creative Biolabs employs a variety of animals, including rodents, canine, or non-human primates, for the assessment of the in vivo pharmacokinetic properties, ADME pattern, efficacy, potential immunogenicity, and safety of  antibody-drug conjugates. ADC in vivo Analysis in Creative Biolabs mainly consists of four parts: ADC pharmacokinetics characterization, ADC safety assessment, ADC in vivo efficacy evaluation, ADC immunogenicity analysis.


6 Antibody-based Probes

Creative Biolabs provide customers with comprehensive services in areas of high-resolution imagery, molecular tracking, and cancer diagnostics by developing customized Antibody-based Probes via the conjugation of monoclonal antibodies with various biophysical probes.


7 ADC Manufacturing

Creative Biolabs have established manufacturing platforms and pipelines fully designated for large scale recombinant protein, therapeutic antibody, and ADC manufacturing. The services mainly include cGMP antibody manufacturing with the capacity of pilot (5~35 L) to large scale (> 100 L) preparation of therapeutic antibodies or recombinant proteins; cGMP organic synthesis, ADC conjugation, purification, and filling,  customized chemical synthesis service and fine chemicals to prepare regular or highly tailored linker molecules bearing different release mechanisms; ADC conjugation, purification, and filling by cGMP certified reactors, TFF systems, and single-use chromatography systems.


In addition to the ADC development services, Creative Biolabs also offers a variety of customarily prepared antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) products to serve the course of ADC development and evaluation based on a large inventory of therapeutic antibodies. More information can be reached at


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