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How is Computer Vision Making a Difference in Healthcare?

AI is beginning to have real world implementations in healthcare, especially in the burgeoning field of computer vision, which is tasked with the incredibly difficult job of training computers to replicate human sight and understanding the objects in front if it.

Computer Vision utilizes algorithms for processing images with the aim of making faster and more accurate diagnoses more than a physician. Computer vision technique has been used in various surgery and therapy of some diseases. Nowadays, three-dimensional (3D) modeling and rapid prototyping technologies have focused on the development of medical imaging modalities, which include CT and MRI. Moreover, the computer vision in healthcare helps in cutting costs in care delivery by transferring time-consuming and tedious tasks to machines, which allows clinicians to provide better patient care that eventually boosts the patient outcomes.

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Using Computer Vision To Improve Healthcare

With the advent of technology development, the interest in computer vision healthcare solutions is already off the charts and continues to grow across many business verticals. No longer being the thing of the sci-fi future, artificial intelligence and computer vision are benefiting the ways in which medical professionals diagnose and treat patients.

The computer vision in healthcare market is anticipated to grow in the forecast period owing to driving factors such as rising demand for computer vision systems in the healthcare industry, grown government initiatives increases the adoption of AI-based technologies and big data in healthcare. However, reluctance of medical practitioners to adopt AI-based technologies and lack of awareness & technical knowledge eventually hinders the market growth.

Organizations have begun tapping deep learning, like that used in computer vision, for everything from predicting heart rhythm disorders to estimating blood loss during childbirth.

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Last Updated: 18-Jun-2019