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PHASTAR to PRESENT AT DIA 2019 Global Annual Meeting

Cambridge, MA – June 19, 2019  

WHAT:   PHASTAR will participate in a forum and workshop at the DIA 2019 Global Annual Meeting (  DIA, the Drug Information Association provides a global stage for collaboration to address healthcare challenges.  The Annual Meeting gathers stakeholders to openly knowledge share, generating insights to advance innovation in healthcare product development and lifecycle management. 

FORUM #317: “Designing Clinical Trials with the Right Endpoints:  Getting the Questions Right and Handling Missing Data

Learning Objectives:  Discuss key elements of ICH E9(R1) and GTQR; Define estimands and ongoing efforts for implementation; Identify how to apply estimands in oncology with time-to-event endpoint; Describe an overview and examples of applying tipping point analysis to explore the impact of missing data assumptions on study results, along with key considerations during the planning stage of these sensitivity analyses. 

PHASTAR will present: “Assessment of Tipping Point Analysis for Handling Various Types of Missing Data”

WHEN:                 June 26 from 8 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.

WHERE:               Room 11B – San Diego Convention Center

WORKSHOP #394: “Demystifying Basic Statistical Concepts for ANYONE Involved with Clinical Trials”

Learning Objectives:  Explain basic statistical concepts such as randomization, blinding, hypothesis testing, p-values, the challenges of false positives and adjusting for multiplicity, and approaches to handling missing data; Identify the appropriate statistical analysis for a given outcome; discuss assumptions and limitations of analysis methods with a study team; assess the clinical importance of statistical results.

WHEN:                 June 26, 2019 from 4:15 to 5:30 p.m.

WHERE:               Room 11B – San Diego Convention Center


PHASTAR is a global CRO offering statistical consulting, clinical trial reporting, data management and data science services by providing expert consultants and managing and delivering in-house projects, FSP style arrangements and preferred partnerships. PHASTAR’s number one priority is to ensure that the work we produce is of the highest quality. Every project PHASTAR undertakes utilizes our unique internal processes which are designed to ensure optimal quality. 

All PHASTAR’s statistical, programming, data management and data science staff are trained in the “PHASTAR Discipline” - our in-house approach to data analysis and collection. This comprises a set of common sense (but commonly ignored) principles that, if followed, guarantee error free outcomes. The “PHASTAR Discipline” also includes a series of intranet-based checklists highlighting potential pitfalls and points-to-consider when conducting clinical trials, enabling over 2,500 years of combined technical knowledge to be shared across the company.

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