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Americord Registry Introduces Placental Tissue 2.0(TM), Amniotic Membrane Biobanking for Families

NEW YORK, July 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Americord Registry announced today the launch of its newest stem cell banking product, Placental Tissue 2.0™. Americord was one of the first family cord blood banks to store placental tissue and now offers this exciting product, which stores live amniotic membrane (AM), a first for the industry.

Placental Tissue 2.0™ allows a family to store two types of valuable stem cells: mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), and a variety of stem cell called amniotic epithelial cells (or AECs). The MSCs collected in this process are more densely-packed and, when paired with the AECs, provide a more efficient resource that opens up many new treatment opportunities.

"Americord is a proven leader in stem cell banking and we are proud to announce our newest innovation which will truly benefit our customers. Placental Tissue  2.0™ offers almost double the stem cell output, allowing immediate potential for surgical wound healing as well as many other uses," said Martin Smithmyer, CEO of Americord. The stem cells contained within placental tissue provide powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring, and wound healing factors which have been used in topical applications to treat a wide variety of serious conditions and wounds, including for multiple eye conditions which can lead to blindness, diabetic wounds which are prone to infections and amputation, and surgical wounds, to speed healthier healing.

There are also dozens of advanced clinical trials for conditions that do not yet have established treatments using stem cells from cord blood or tissue, but are showing promise with treatment from Placental Tissue 2.0 ™ stem cells. These include cerebral palsy, prostate cancer, throat cancer, neurological dysfunction, kidney failure, heart conditions, and injuries to joints and the spine, as well as expanded treatment opportunities for a serious group of conditions that already have stem cell therapies: the leukemias.

The product also fills a glaring hole in existing stem cell banking offerings. In the words of Smithmyer, "We developed Placental Tissue 2.0™ because of the desire to offer a stem cell product that extended the benefits of regenerative medicine to the whole family – not just the newborn. Unlike cord blood, the stem cells in this product do not need an HLA match for safe, effective use, so any first- or second-degree relative can benefit from storage."

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Americord Registry Introduces Placental Tissue 2.0(TM), Amniotic Membrane Biobanking for Families

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