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TMRW Robotic Process Automation Platform Goes Live at San Diego Fertility Center, Vios Fertility Institute - Chicago and Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York

NEW YORK and CHICAGO and SAN DIEGO, July 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TMRW, the creator of the first Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform specifically designed for in vitro fertilization (IVF), announced today the company has commenced a multi-site study to test its platform in a live clinical environment. The study has been launched in partnership with the San Diego Fertility Center (SDFC) in California, Vios Fertility Institute (VIOS) in Chicago, Illinois and Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York (RMA of New York). The study will test the platform in real-time — measuring improvements achieved through automation and allowing for instant iteration of platform technology.

A total of six leading clinics in major markets around the country are expected to participate in the study in coming weeks.

"We are thrilled to see the TMRW platform tested in live clinical environments and are grateful for the cooperation and partnership of the SDFC, Vios Fertility Institute and RMA of New York. As access to IVF therapies grows globally, it's absolutely imperative that embryo preservation evolves past the 40-year-old technology used in fertility medicine," said Dr. Jeff Port, TMRW's co-founder and Chief Medical Officer. "We anticipate 200-300 million IVF births this century, of which the majority will be associated with cells that were once frozen. TMRW's automated cryo-preservation process performs up to 17,000 'health checks' daily to establish the perfect storage environment. Our platform is customized to meet this surging demand while reducing risk and providing peace of mind that both physicians and their patients justifiably seek."

"Advancements in embryo vitrification and IVF therapies have significantly improved patient outcomes," explains Dr. Angeline Beltsos, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Vios Fertility Institute. "As the need for embryo, egg and sperm storage grows, TMRW's platform will streamline workflow, cryo-preservation and the security we offer our patients. As more people turn to IVF to have a family, we need innovative partners like TMRW to accommodate the growing demand of tissue storage and provide transparency. We look forward to getting started with this cutting edge technology."

TMRW's state-of-the-art platform was designed to mitigate human error and monitor the environment of frozen embryos and eggs around the clock. The platform replaces current analog IVF cryo-preservation and tissue management system, by implementing automated cryo-management and RFID-enabled digital chain of custody for embryos and gametes.

"Advances in technology have helped countless patients build their families. Genetic testing and freezing of embryos is now routine, and success rates are higher than ever," said Dr. Alan Copperman, Medical Director of RMA of New York. "Innovations in automation, cryostorage and monitoring will be essential to meet the needs of our current and future patients."

"Our patients come from across the world seeking the absolute best standard of care and they expect leadership on issues of safety, transparency and technology," said Dr. Michael Kettel, Senior Physician at the San Diego Fertility Center. "We believe the benefits offered by the TMRW RPA will put many patients' minds at ease and ultimately improve their outcomes. We have no higher priority."

About TMRW
In coming decades, a rapidly scaling fertility industry and increased access to IVF therapies will be responsible for nearly 300 million global births — almost all of which will rely upon frozen fertility cells. To meet this rapidly growing demand, TMRW has created the first fully Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform designed specifically for IVF. Already experiencing rapid market enthusiasm, TMRW is poised to become the global standard for cryo-preservation and fertility cell management. IVF clinicians have embraced the concept of TMRW's risk-mitigating RPA platform as a replacement for current less sophisticated analog IVF cryo-management systems. TMRW provides the world's first complete RFID cryo-temperature compatible digital chain of custody for all fertility cells—including embryos and gametes. TMRW software is constantly vigilant and automates 17,000 daily environmental "health checks" that ensure the safety and security of the world's most precious cells.

TMRW's co-founders, Joshua Abram, Alan Murray and Dr. Jeff Port, are serial tech and life sciences entrepreneurs. Their immediate prior ventures sold for a combined sum of more than $1 billion.

About San Diego Fertility Center
San Diego Fertility Center is proud to have played a role in bringing thousands of babies into the world since 1989. San Diego Fertility Center is a world-class reproductive center that prides itself on its longstanding reputation for excellence. With more than 70 years of collective experience diagnosing and treating infertility, San Diego Fertility Center has received global recognition for achieving some of the highest industry success rates. Extraordinary fertility care is about having technical expertise, proven successful outcomes, and the ability to partner with patients to assure all their needs are met, SDFC continues its commitment to ensure all those wishing to become parents be afforded that opportunity. www.SDFERTILITY.COM.

About the Vios Fertility Institute
Established in 2015, Vios Fertility Institute is one of the fastest growing fertility clinics in the U.S. Woman-owned and Midwest based, there are 9 locations in the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis regions. Doctors at Vios are committed to helping patients find their way to fertility health and treatment with a personalized plan that supports each individual's emotional, physical and financial needs. Vios provides the highest chance of fertility success with innovative, scientific, cutting-edge treatment options along with an unparalleled patient experience.

About Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York
Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York (RMA of New York) is widely recognized as a global leader in state-of-the-art reproductive medicine. Led by an integrated team of doctors and scientists with extensive reproductive endocrinology, fertility and urology experience and training, RMA of New York consistently reports IVF success rates to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and is internationally recognized for achieving high success rates in the treatment of infertility. RMA of New York maximizes access to care by helping patients explore all insurance coverage and financing options available for treatment. RMA of New York is sensitive to the needs of the LGBTQ+ community, women choosing single parent motherhood, and women pursuing fertility preservation for elective indications as well as those in need of oncofertility services. Headquartered in midtown Manhattan, RMA of New York has six patient care facilities throughout New York, including four facilities in Manhattan, as well as in Brooklyn, Westchester, and abroad in Mexico City. For more information, please visit

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TMRW Robotic Process Automation Platform Goes Live at San Diego Fertility Center, Vios Fertility Institute - Chicago and Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York

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