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Surgical Imaging Market is Expanding at Faster Rates, Globally

As we move forward to the latter half of the twenty-first century, we are now capable of diagnosing and treating medical conditions that was once claimed to be incurable. Modern age medicine has reached new heights with the development of newer technologies and treatments. Surgical imaging is one of the reasons that has helped in revolutionizing the modern medicine. Surgical imaging is a surgical procedure that offers assistance to the surgeons in tracking the surgical instruments in association with intraoperative or operative images. These images can be used to guide directly or indirectly through the surgery. This system includes ultrasonic, cameras, electromagnetic or a combination or fields to capture and relay the anatomy of the patient. This tremendously helps the surgeon to make precise and accurate moments while operating. The process of image-guided surgery is performed in real-time in order to maximize the efforts. The image processing could be delayed for few seconds or minutes depending on the application and modality. This ensures that the surgery would be a lot safer and efficient. Due to its high effectiveness, the surgical imaging has been recognized as a standard of care in managing disorders such as otorhinolaryngology, cranial, cardiovascular, spine, and orthopedic.

The surgical imaging helps the surgeon to follow the surgical procedure with immaculate control by giving a real-time feedback on the effect of the intervention. Furthermore, the procedure reduces the tissue disruption and trauma while operating on the anatomical structure. This mode of surgery reduces the post-operative neural deficits and adverse events that are associated with endo-venous laser ablative procedures. It is more efficient while removing the brain tumors that was once considered inoperable factoring to the location and size. Its key benefits can be summarized as bellow:

  • Affordable Health Care Costs

With the help of surgical imaging, a doctor can easily identify the exact location of the abnormality and then decide on the further treatment. This curbs the need of going through extra costly procedures such as angiography, exploratory surgery, or catheterization. By reducing these procedures, the cost for the treatment reduces significantly.

  • Better Diagnosis

Surgical imaging helps the physicians for understanding the complications in the human body and helps them take better decision for treating their patients. This procedure is non-invasive and painless. Furthermore, they do not require any special preparation to perform. By using imaging technologies such as ultrasound, it becomes easy to detect abnormalities including breast cancer. This would literally turn a patient in to survivor. It becomes effortless to examine the internal body structures such as muscles, tendons, joints, internal organs, and vessels. Another technology called as Sonogram is used for conducting parental tests for pregnant women. Many women are suggested to undergo this procedure in their third trimester of pregnancy in order to get a picture of their babies in the uterus. It also helps in determining the health and development of the baby.

  • Complicated Surgeries

The medical imaging sector has revolutionized since the advent of surgical C-arm machines. These machines are generally used in Orthopedics, Surgery, Traumatology, Vascular Surgery, and Cardiology for intra-operative imaging. The surgeon can monitor the progress of the surgery with the help of high-resolution X-ray images.

  • Safe and executive

Several innovations and reforms are been done by the manufacturers in order to reduce the effects of radiation dose. Few factors such as the accuracy and the ability of the physicians to use the technology for diagnosing were taken into consideration. The development and implementation of surgical imaging offered the answers to all those issues. With the help of this technology it has now become possible to manage and minimize the effects of radiation efficiently.

In conclusion, any company or organization can transform the supply chains, ecosystems, and industries by implementing blockchain. This technology can be helpful for eliminating the manual waste generated through managing paperwork and costly delays in logistics. Several enterprises and corporation have invested in surgical imaging market as its benefits far exceed its drawbacks. After exhaustive research, Allied Market Research has estimated that the global surgical imaging market would garner $1.49 billion by 2026, growing exponentially at a CAGR of 4.3% from 2019 to 2026. The market of surgical imaging market has great potential and will increase at a steady pace as new technologies and innovative products are introduced in this market.


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Last Updated: 18-Jul-2019