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Applications Report Highlights Advantages of Evaluating Both AlbuSorb™ PLUS and AlbuVoid™ PLUS in Serum Proteomic Workflows

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ, August 2, 2019 -- Biotech Support Group reports on a new applications report which highlights the simplicity and efficiency of their Albumin & IgG depletion sample preparation technology as an enrichment step for human serum using LC-MS proteomic analysis. The title of the report is:

“AlbuVoid™ PLUS & AlbuSorb™ PLUS  -  Evaluating Different Windows of Observation Solves The Many Challenges of Serum Proteomics”

And can be downloaded at:

For serum, many proteomic enrichment strategies employ the use of immuno-affinity depletion to remove one or more high abundance proteins. Some common limitations of immuno-affinity however are high costs, and regeneration requirements which may result in a diminished and inconsistent performance. Because of these limitations, proteomic researchers need ways to enrich without immuno-affinity. This report considers the advantages of first reducing the influence of IgGs- a heterogeneous and proteolytically resistant class of proteins, along with Albumin depletion. Two products - AlbuVoid™ PLUS & AlbuSorb™ PLUS support depletion of both Albumin and IgG, through different strategies and workflows. Using LC-MS reporting metrics, the report highlights the serum sub-proteome bias characteristics of these products. Some examples of their selective utility for biomarker discovery in cancer are also presented.

“Throughout our product and methods development efforts, we have been especially focused on overcoming the challenges of clinical proteomics. For this, our central technology focus is to develop highly selective separations products that do not rely on immuno-affinity. These can offer many advantages necessary to transition from discovery of biomarkers to robust quantitation of clinically useful biomarkers. I am pleased that this report highlights these advantages.” states Swapan Roy, Ph.D., President and Founder of Biotech Support Group.

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Converging with cultural and technological disruptions forthcoming in healthcare, Biotech Support Group develops methods for cost effective and efficient sample prep essential for these expanding markets. Following a tiered business strategy, the company continues its growth in the consumable research products area supporting the rapidly expanding installation of LC-MS instrument and computational infrastructure. For this market, key products include: AlbuVoid™ and AlbuSorb™ for albumin depletion, Cleanascite™ for lipid adsorption, HemogloBind™ and HemoVoid™ for hemoglobin removal, and NuGel™ for functional proteomics. From these innovations, the company has acquired knowledgebase and biomarker intellectual property assets that support discoveries of protein markers from blood, with special emphasis on early detection and personalized medical decisions for cancer patients. For more information, go to

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