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MiLaboratories And MIODx Collaborate On Services And Product Development In TCR And BCR Repertoire Profiling

SAN DIEGO and SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- MiLaboratories LLC, a technology leader in T-cell receptor (TCR) and B-cell receptor (BCR) profiling and MIODx, a well-known immunosequencing specialist, announced today a collaboration agreement to expand the provision of services and product development.

The companies will offer contract research projects in all applications related to sequencing-based probing of human and animal adaptive immune systems. Offered in the US and Europe, wet lab and dry lab services will range from sample preparation and library construction to advanced analytics and reporting. The services will be based on MiLaboratories kits for human and murine TCRs and BCRs, along with its flagship bioinformatics suite MiXCR, molecular barcoding technology MiNNN, and VDJtools software for repertoire post-analysis. Basic data analysis will be run in Immunocloud™, a secure cloud environment specifically designed for immune system profiling. Advanced data analysis will be performed using proprietary cloud solutions of MiLaboratories LLC. Additional custom bioinformatics analysis will be performed by MiLaboratoires LLC staff. Wet lab services will be carried out at MIODx's state-of-the art facilities in San Jose, CA.

"We are happy to join forces with MIODx, a high quality CRO in immunosequencing and related areas," said Yuri Nikolsky, CEO of MiLaboratories. "Our analytical suites for TCR and BCR profiling are well-known and widely used in both industry and academia. Collaboration with MIODx will allow us to expand our offering utilizing our unique expertise in molecular barcoding, single-cell sequencing applications, library construction and other key elements of the immunosequencing pipeline. This agreement will help us to substantially broaden the scope and geography of our service offering in the increasingly important and competitive area of immune profiling."

"This collaboration with MiLaboratories provides those customers in the TCR and BCR analysis arena a complete solution for their research and development – from sample to answer," explained M. Allen Northrup, CEO of MIODx. "As well, we look forward to a broadly expanded menu of services in the near future," he continued.

About MiLaboratories LLC.
MiLaboratories is a specialist and technology leader in profiling the mammalian adaptive immune system. Over the last decade, the company developed an original technology for molecular barcoding based on unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) along with a suite of algorithms and software tools for advanced analysis of T-cell and B-cell repertoires. The company's flagship software suite, MiXCR, is considered a gold standard in immunosequencing and is applied by a number of global pharmaceutical companies, leading academic groups and sequencing hardware companies. For further information please contact MiLaboratories' Service at

About MIODx.
MIODx was founded several years ago with the mission of improving medical outcomes via advanced diagnostics. It has established a highly effective immunosequencing methodology from a variety of sample inputs, including defined regions from archived material. MIODx offers state-of-the-art platforms and experienced technical capabilities in its laboratory in San Jose, CA. For more information please contact Graeme McLean at

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