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Creative Enzymes Has Launched Some Industrial Enzyme Products for Multiple Applications

SHIRLEY, NY - Aug 29, 2019 –As a professional enzymes provider located in New York, Creative Enzymes always hammers at researches and trials in order to provide customers with various enzymes as many as possible. Today, the product manager announces that the company has launched some enzymes products, which can be used for many applications. These newly-developed enzyme products range from industrial enzymes to enzymes for daily use.


The newly-developed enzyme products can be utilized in many fields, including diagnostics, environment protection, research, daily use, etc. These products can greatly satisfy the needs of human life and production.


Enzymes can catalyze many types of reactions, and the use of enzymes tends to result in rapid and consistent synthesis compared to chemical processes. In recent years, the number of successful examples of enzymes used in drug synthesis has increased. Creative Enzymes provides customers with high quality and cost effective enzymes in chemical processing. Besides, Enzymes have been used in household products to improve the quality of our lives. For example, enzymes are added to some detergents and daily chemicals to improve cleaning efficiency. The enzymes for daily use products developed are of high quality and reliable performance to meet all industrial needs.



“Enzymes are natural catalysts that selectively decompose larger molecular mixtures. With the support of the latest enzyme technology, their success rate in the bioremediation process is increasing, bringing new possibilities for environmental protection. Creative Enzymes offers high purity enzymes in environment protection and custom blends to help maintain a clean environment.” stated by Creative Enzymes' chief scientist Dr. Jefferson.


The activity of endogenous enzymes is sensitive to health conditions, which sets the principle of using enzymes to diagnose and analyze biological abnormalities. Enzymes can also be used to detect changes in substrate concentration and also to indicate physiological disorders. For example, the use of cholesterol oxidase to quantify cholesterol can reveal underlying cardiovascular disease or hypertension. Creative Enzymes offers high purity enzymes for diagnostics products for the development of diagnostic and analytical tools.


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Creative Enzymes is a remarkable supplier and manufacturer in Enzymology field. Equipped with advanced technique platform, Creative Enzymes is able to offer high-quality and professional services for customers. Its products and services are widely used in academic and pharmaceutical industries. 

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Last Updated: 29-Aug-2019