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New User Interface Dramatically Speeds Reviews/Approvals for Clinical Trial Disclosure

Customer Feedback from TrialScope Labs Dictated New Features

TrialScope, the global leader in clinical trial transparency and disclosure compliance solutions, has released a new version of its TrialScope DiscloseTM platform, featuring a revamped user interface (UI). The new functionality is specifically designed to expedite sponsors’ review and approval process for registering and updating clinical trials with regulatory agencies.

“The new interface, including mobile compatibility, enables sponsors to maintain regulatory disclosure compliance more efficiently,” said Francine Lane, TrialScope Vice President of Global Transparency. She explained that because reviewers and approvers use TrialScope Disclose less frequently, they are less familiar with the platform. “We are really excited to improve the experience for users who may not be in the system very often by simplifying their view and allowing them to focus on the task at hand.”

As with previous releases, this software version was developed in conjunction with TrialScope customers in TrialScope Labs. According to Jaclyn Spedaliere, TrialScope Director of Customer Success, the labs – which include customers in the conception and development of new products and services – reflect TrialScope’s continued commitment to its customers.

“The labs are part of our robust customer outreach program,” she said. “They give our customers such a real impact on our development and roadmap. Our products and services are not developed in a vacuum.”

Spedaliere explained that recent TrialScope Labs focused on the redesign of the TrialScope Disclose user interface. “We went through various iterations of the new redesign. We asked customers what features they would like included.” Global study owners (GSOs), medical writers and reviewers/approvers were sent a survey so they could respond to prototypes. TrialScope followed up with phone calls to responders for additional insights.

From a customer perspective, she noted, one of the most highly requested items was the track changes functionality. Within the new UI, a reviewer/approver can see a previous version of the form and compare it to the most recent version, highlighting any changes in-line within the form. It’s not a side-by-side comparison, but an overlay. Providing reviewers and approvers visibility into previous and current versions shortens the entire approval cycle, supporting the end goal of bringing products to market more rapidly. “This really saves time and provides efficiency for reviewers – they don’t need to re-review the whole form, only the changes.”

Dashboards and study properties help users navigate and narrow their focus to complete tasks quicker and more efficiently. “The sheer intuitiveness of the new UI reduces the amount of training needed for new users,” she added. “This is particularly helpful in terms of change management.” Study teams often change from beginning to end of a trial, so sponsors can bring new team members up to speed quickly with this new interface.

Spedaliere said the mobile capability is of great value to users. Those who review/approve are not usually in the office, “so the fact that they can log in and perform these important tasks on any mobile device is a big win.”

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Last Updated: 06-Sep-2019