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Tech Big Bang - When Super Brains Meet Super Intelligence

CHENGDU, China, Sept. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Fourth time in Chengdu, the 6th World Nobel Laureate Biomedical Summit, entitled "Artificial Intelligence and Brain Science: From the Bench to Human Applications and Industry Development", has invited 6 Nobel laureates, over 10 Chinese and foreign academicians, world's top talents, leaders in pharmaceutical industry built a extremely outstanding team in biomedical field to share the frontier of science and technology in a global perspective and explore the potential trend of development through multi-dimensional thinking.

This year's Summit, co-organized by the World Medical Exchange Center (Beijing) and Sichuan Provincial Government, focused on the frontier and application of brain science, the current status and future of the applications of AI in the biomedical industry, intelligent medical treatment and pension, etc. The Summit aims to promote the global resource integration strategy, achievement transformation, technology company cultivation and global industrialization, establishing a complete base for production and research integration to help China build a world-oriented, more open, collaborative, resourceful platform for scientific and technological exchange, as well as a platform for promoting the development of emerging industries.

The Summit's Academic Committee Chair and Nobel laureate, Dr. Thomas Südhof expressed his expectation to the summit, that he hopes the conference will be of interest to anybody involved in science, in drug development, or in the relations of these areas to basic research and to artificial intelligence. And it really lighted up the audiences' passion, when he spoiled his theme, relative to his habit – gourmet food.

Several hot topics have been discussed during the Summit, for example, the possibility of cure certain brain diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, and the implications to the drug development. In particular, AI development at Partners Healthcare as a competitive differentiator really engaged audience with many brand-new information that haven't been released before, which led the audience into a future world full of unknown and infinite possibilities.

We have a full reason to believe that the Summit will create new heights based on past achievements, which have built a bridge of communication and cooperation for high tech talents from all over the world. And further more promote the high-quality transformation traditional superior pharmaceutical industry, bring greater benefit to more people in China, and even to the whole humanity.

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Last Updated: 22-Sep-2019