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02-Oct-2019 Launched to Address Issues Identified in the First Prostate Cancer Patient Survey

 -, the region's first dedicated platform is launched to inform, educate and address patients' needs   

 - Results from Egypt's first prostate cancer patient survey announced  

 - Only 7% of Egypt's men feel well informed on the disease vs 77% in Europe[1]    

CAIRO, Oct. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Advocacy League, CanSurvive, Egyptian Urology Association and Astellas Pharma Inc. today proudly announced the results and insights gained from 'Every Voice Matters' market research conducted with prostate cancer patients and the launch of – first prostate cancer awareness portal in Arabic language, that is addressing some of the identified patients' needs from the research.     

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"We are very proud to launch, the first patient centric prostate cancer awareness website in our local Arabic language. We hope that having access to information about prostate cancer, disease treatment options, possible lifestyle modifications, as well as advice for the carers will have a positive impact on the patients and their families" said Prof. Mohsen Mokhtar, Founder of Advocacy League.   

Access to information about prostate cancer in local language is necessary for several reasons. Prostate cancer prevalence is estimated to continue to increase across the region[2]. It is estimated that by 2030 prostate cancer incidence will increase by 128% in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon will experience the most modest (38%) incidence increase in the region [2] .

Most men with prostate cancer will not experience any symptoms in early disease stages[3] , hence being aware of the disease symptoms and risk factors, could encourage men to be more proactive in managing their health. According to the results of Every Voice Matters survey with Egyptian prostate cancer patients, 78% of participants have visited their doctor because they were experiencing symptoms vs 32% in Europe[1]. This is highly concerning, as cancer that is detected early is much easier to treat[4].  

Currently prostate cancer patients and their families have very limited amount of information about the prostate cancer, only 7% of survey participants stated that they feel well informed about the disease (vs 77% in Europe)[1]. Prostate Cancer patient Mr. Maan Tawachi shared his story of fighting prostate cancer and reflected on the importance of having access to information "Having the necessary information at my disposal was immensely helpful as I was able to understand how to better manage disease symptoms and treatment side effects. It empowered me to be more involved in the disease management discussions with different doctors who were involved throughout my treatment." portal provides information about the regional prevalence of prostate cancer, disease symptoms and risk factors, methods for disease detection and diagnosis, healthcare team involved in prostate cancer treatment and their responsibilities, disease staging and available treatment options, suggestions of questions to ask the treating doctor, tips for lifestyle management (diet and exercise) and information specifically for the family and/ or the caregiver.

"We have worked with patient organizations across the region to ensure that provides trusted and reliable information to support all prostate cancer patients and their families." Prof. Mohsen Mokhtar, Founder of Advocacy League. The website is endorsed by patient organizations from across the region: CanSurvive (Egypt), Barbara Nassar (Lebanon), Friends of Cancer Patients (United Arab Emirate), National Cancer Control Foundation (Yemen); Al-Sidra Association (Kuwait) and Shifa for Supporting Cancer Patients (Morocco).

Astellas Pharma is the sponsor of both Every Voice Matters and Amr Seif, General Manager for MENA/SSA commented on the launch of both initiatives: "Patient centricity is at the core of our business. We are proud to sponsor and Every Voice Matters to address the lack of access to information for patients in the Middle East and listen to their specific needs. We are committed in our continued support to patient organizations and medical societies across the region, in order to address the needs of the patients."  

About Every Voice Matters

Every Voice Matters is a MENA wide initiative that aims to give prostate cancer patients a voice, so that their needs are heard and understood. The initiative is sponsored by Astellas Pharma Inc. and endorsed by medical societies and patient organizations from across the region including CanSurvive (Egypt), Egyptian Urology Association, Emirates Urology Society (UAE), Friends of Cancer patients (UAE), Saudi Cancer Foundation (KSA), Saudi Urology Association (KSA), Lebanese Medical Oncology Society, Lebanese Urology Society, and Barbara Nassar (Lebanon). The research was conducted by the independent research agency, IPSOS.

About is the first regional prostate cancer portal in Arabic language that provides information about the disease and empowers patients and their family/caregivers with needed information. The website is created and managed by Arab Advocacy league working, who are in partnership with other patient organizations across the MENA region.  For more information please visit, 

About Astellas

Astellas Pharma Inc., based in Tokyo, Japan, is a company dedicated to improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products. For more information, please visit our website at and

About Advocacy League  

Advocacy League is a non-profit organization that constitutes of 16 cancer patients' groups and organizations across the MENA region. The organization is committed to fight cancer across the region through advocacy and healthcare policy initiatives and regional collaboration amongst its members.

About CanSurive

CanSurvive is the leading patients' advocacy group in Egypt that has been successfully operating for over 7 years. The primary objective of this non-profit organization is to support, empower and help adult cancer patients. For more information, please visit 


[1] EveryVoiceMatters:Egypt (2019); Market research conducted by IPSOS and sponsored by Astellas. Report available on file.


[3] NHS, Symptoms: Prostate Cancer, 2018. Available at Last accessed September 2019

[4] ProstateCancerUK, Localized prostate cancer, 2019. Available at Last accessed September 2019    

Photo: Launched to Address Issues Identified in the First Prostate Cancer Patient Survey

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