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Kimera Labs announces Exosome Education Seminars at its 27,000 sq ft state-of-the-art biochemical laboratory and production campus

MIAMI, Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In an effort to increase its exosome production capacity, develop new engineered exosome products and expand its unique proprietary exosome purification and characterization process, Kimera Labs is expanding into a new state-of-the-art biochemistry laboratory, education location and production facility. This new exosome research and development facility is adjacent to and will supplement Kimera's existing 6,000 sq ft exosome production facility in Miramar, FL. The expansion will also enable the development of new exosome-based technologies including an exosome-based diagnostics arm. 

Since the discovery of its proprietary XoGlo® purification process in 2014 by Dr. Duncan Ross Ph.D, Founder and CEO, Kimera Labs has been manufacturing maximum-purity, perinatal, mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)-derived exosomes. A large portion of Kimera's investment in quality management has been dedicated to optimal characterization of these exosomes to ensure their purity and consistency for potential use in future clinical applications. Confirmation of the quality of these MSC exosomes requires advanced multi-modality characterization using technologies such as ELISA protein analysis, high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), RNA sequencing, NanoSight Nano Tracking Analysis. Kimera Labs will also be the first private company to include dSTORM super resolution fluorescence microscopy as part of its batch-verification process. This suite of characterization devices will be housed in the new Kimera Labs facility and will become the foundation for development of novel exosome-based diagnostic modalities for cancer and other diseases. 

The new facility will serve as an educational resource to the exosome scientific community. Kimera Labs has always been committed to scientific education, and the development of exosome technology. The meeting space in the new facility will accommodate 50-100 people for educational events focused on exosomes and their future clinical and scientific development as well as tours of the exosome production and characterization facilities. Advancement of the nascent exosomes industry depends on pioneering new technologies and sharing new developments with the scientific and medical community and Kimera Labs leads the way with this new laboratory expansion.

The new Kimera Labs facility will also enable the development of novel exosome products and delivery systems. By leveraging its existing biochemical research and development department, with four dedicated post-doctoral scientists, Kimera will be able to develop engineered exosomes that may have applications for specific clinical indications including autoimmune, inflammatory, degenerative and malignant conditions. By genetically modifying future cell lines, Kimera will open up a myriad of possibilities directed towards patient specific therapeutic development.

"Existing at the bleeding edge of exosome science has been a lonely road. We hope that developing academic partnerships by leveraging our technical capabilities can help bridge the gap between bench and bedside, and allow us to use our industry-leading expertise to develop a facility that can produce new exosome technologies at scale" – Dr. Ross.

The first of these educational events will be held on November 16th. Registration for the event is at

Please forward requests for more information to Jason Sanders MD, President of Kimera Labs, at or 949-375-2186.

Kimera Labs is an FDA registered and inspected biotechnology laboratory located at 2831 Corporate Way, Miramar FL 33025. FDA inspection reports are available upon request. XoGlo is a registered trademark of Kimera Labs.



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Kimera Labs announces Exosome Education Seminars at its 27,000 sq ft state-of-the-art biochemical laboratory and production campus

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