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NDA Group Launches the NDA Accelerator in the Nordics

NDA Group Launches the NDA Accelerator in the Nordics

A new platform aimed at addressing the fundamental need among small biotechs

Stockholm, Sweden (October 21, 2019) – Today NDA Group announced the launch of the NDA Accelerator. 

The new platform aims to address three fundamental needs common among small biotechs:

• High-quality regulatory and drug development intelligence and thought leadership,

• Capability building and professional development aimed at teams and entire companies,

• High-quality regulatory drug development support and advice.

The NDA Accelerator addresses these needs through a dedicated membership website ( through which small biotechs can join the NDA Accelerator community, take part in thought leadership activities and purchase training and supporting services.

The NDA Accelerator turns the paradigm of fee for service on its head by providing significant financial benefits to small companies – the smaller you are, the less you pay. This goes both for membership in the NDA Accelerator, that comes at a third of the cost for a micro sized company as it does for a medium sized company, but also for services offered through the website.

The NDA Accelerator is initially launched in the Nordic region, the origin of NDA Group, with an eye on expansion throughout all of the regions the company is service, starting 2020.

Johan Strömquist, CEO of the NDA Group, explains the initiative: “Small biotechs have very different needs to large companies. Understanding this and developing models that can cater to different audiences is really essential for a professional service provider today. Such a great proportion of today’s drug and device innovation comes from the nimble development that can only take place in smaller organisations. The NDA Accelerator can accelerate the path to market in a way that makes the most of the limited resources of a small biotech.”

Strömquist continues "Putting the NDA Accelerator in place has taken considerable thought and effort. The further along development the concept has come, the more we’ve realised what a great opportunity it is for deployment of new ideas, partnerships and connections. We are working with a number of potential partners to expand the line of service inside the NDA Accelerator to areas that the NDA Group does not cover.

The NDA Accelerator is at heart a community project and we are constantly listening to the local life science community to develop relevant support services tailored to their needs."

Questions, suggestions and ideas regarding the NDA Accelerator can be sent to:

NDA media contact:


About NDA

NDA Group is a world leading regulatory and drug development consultancy with a dedicated team of over 150 consultants supported by an expert network and a specialist Advisory Board many of whom are ex- European Agency and FDA staff.

Our goal is to streamline drug development in order to accelerate patient access to important medical therapies. We support life science companies all over the world and across all phases of development, from pre-clinical to post marketing, to the needs and requirements of regulators and payers alike. We work together with our clients to address key strategic regulatory and reimbursement challenges. Our scientific expertise covers all major therapeutic areas.

NDA Group supported over 40% of the new medicinal products that were approved in the EU over the last five years. 

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