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GenomSys relocates its headquarters to Biopôle, Lausanne

GenomSys sets its new headquarters at the center of Switzerland’s Health Valley Hub - the "Biopôle" in Lausanne   LAUSANNE, February 26th 2020 – GenomSys has moved two of its teams to the BioPôle in Lausanne, to support the company’s growth and improve its accessibility to the Life Sciences community.

The Biopôle was chosen for its high concentration of renowned life-sciences experts, a community combining key actors from industry and academia. It hosts over 100 of Switzerland’s most innovative Life Sciences & BioTech companies, who regularly collaborate on research projects in fields including pharmacogenomics, diagnostics, precision medicine and agrigenomics.

"Our new, larger office reflects our mindset – modern, exciting and future-oriented, and it’s aligned with our ambitious market and workforce growth objectives. We are delighted to now be closer to our customers, including the laboratories where they perform DNA extraction, preparation, and sequencing. Our move opens up opportunities for co-learning and collaboration", says Stephane Doutriaux, CEO at GenomSys.

"The physical proximity to labs and research centers benefits our innovation cycle as we work more closely with those that operate NGS sequencers", adds GenomSys’ CTO Claudio Alberti.

Switzerland’s Health Valley is a world-class cluster of BioTech companies, research centers and innovation support structures, regrouping over 25,000 employees in the Lake Geneva region of Switzerland. The area strives to boost the Life Sciences ecosystem by establishing bridges between its ambassadors to promote innovation, technology and business.

About GenomSys
GenomSys is a Swiss company offering a suite of enterprise-grade tools for secure storage, processing, and sharing of genomic data enabling large-scale genomics and personalized medicine applications. The company combines deep expertise in data compression and computing with life sciences and bioinformatics capabilities. GenomSys enables research institutions, sequencing centers, biobanks, and leading pharmaceutical customers, amongst others, to gain efficiencies in their handling of genomic data.

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GenomSys relocates its headquarters to Biopôle, Lausanne

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Last Updated: 28-Feb-2020