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AI & Medicine — An Expert in AI-aided Drug Discovery and Medical Applications

Recently founded, the New York-based company AI & Medicine is an expert in the field of AI-Powered drug discovery, personalized healthcare and various medical applications. Having launched a unique AI-aided drug discovery platform last month, this company grows quickly with concerted support from many talented researchers and scientists. It offers drug R & D solutions from the perspective of AI for medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises worldwide.

AI is transforming the practice of medicine. Owing to its ability to identify meaningful relationships in raw data, AI can be used in multiple medical scenarios. For example, it helps doctors diagnose patients more accurately, make predictions about patients’ future health, and even recommend better treatments. It is quite fair to say that AI can be applied in nearly every field of medicine.

AI & Medicine can help apply machine learning to solve the following four concrete problems:

Drug Research and Development

Through big data analysis and other technical means, the AI-powered drug discovery platform offered by AI & Medicine can quickly and accurately mine data and select the appropriate lead compounds. Especially in contrast with traditional methods, AI can help save a great deal of time, cost, and energy in a range of steps regarding drug discovery, including drug target discovery, candidate drug discovery, prediction of drug crystal form, ADMET prediction, design and optimization of clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, etc.

Medical Translation

The company’s AI technology has accumulated a lot in big data, natural semantic analysis, machine learning and deep neural network. A team of scientist with well-equipped knowledge in medical field is capable of optimizing the medical translation system, offering multilingual translation and at the same time ensure the standard and preciseness of medical translation.

Medical Imaging

AI technology is applied in medical imaging area through imaging analysis and surgical simulation.

Main AI methods include image segmentation, feature extraction, quantitative analysis, comparative analysis, etc. AI is increasingly helping to reveal hidden insights into clinical decision-making, connect patients with resources for self-management, and extract meaning from previously inaccessible, unstructured data assets.

Medical Therapy and Research

The company’s Intelligent Inquiry and Guidance platform uses the medical AI engine to accurately identify and match the needs of both doctors and patients. Advanced analytics and machine learning techniques are being used concurrently to help uncover critical insights and best practices from the billions of data elements associated with robotic-assisted surgery. Moreover, AI is also helpful in electronic medical record establishment, literature reading and information extraction.

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About AI & Medicine

Missioned to helping fulfill the specific drug R&D requirements in the industry, AI & Medicine successfully develops an AI-powered drug discovery platform for medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises across the globe, offering a broad and integrated portfolio of medical and scientific solutions in areas like drug R&D, medical translation, medical imaging, medical therapy and research system, and more.

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Last Updated: 16-Jun-2020