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AI & Medicine Develops Medical Therapy and Research System to Facilitate Disease Treatment

On August 18, 2020, AI & Medicine, one of the forerunners in the AI-assisted medicine area, announces that it has successfully developed a medical therapy and research system, which can assist in disease treatment, health management, adjuvant therapy, and deep mining of public document database. The firm is a well-known expert in combining artificial intelligence with drug discovery, personalized healthcare and various other medical applications.

The potential of artificial intelligence in healthcare has been explored for quite a long time. A few types of AI are already being employed in actual scenarios, such as AI-assisted smart diagnosis and treatment recommendations, patient engagement and adherence, as well as administrative activities.

The AI system at AI & Medicine can aid medial therapy and research in the following areas:

Intelligent Inquiry and Guidance

By using medical AI engine, the intelligent inquiry and guidance platform can accurately identify and match the needs of both doctors and patients, help doctors offer medical consultation, and support diagnosis and treatment, playing an active role as medical reminder or even queue reminder.

Electronic Medical Record

Through machine learning and natural language processing technology, AI can automatically learns contents regarding electronic medical record. In addition, AI can also provide decision support for hospital administration through big data analysis. More importantly, AI’s sensors are able to monitor patients’ vital signs and suggest more accurate treatment options.

AI-assisted Surgery

Advanced analytics and machine learning techniques are employed to help uncover critical insights and best practices from the billions of data elements associated with robotic-assisted surgery. In addition, those insights can link to a patient’s post-operative and long-term health outcomes.

Literature Reading and Information Extraction

By extracting useful information from scattered yet massive data and generating hypotheses that could be verified, AI can accelerate the drug development process. The introduction of AI machine learning will greatly improve the efficiency of literature search and information acquisition.

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About AI & Medicine

Fully aware of the difficulties and challenges faced by research and healthcare industry in drug discover, AI & Medicine has newly developed an AI-powered drug discovery platform to accelerate the R & D attempt process. Meanwhile, AI & Medicine’s medical and scientific solution capabilities are widely ranged, covering ADMET prediction, drug repositioning, clinical trials, patient recruitment, pharmacovigilance system, AI diagnosis and many more.

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Last Updated: 24-Aug-2020