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AI & Medicine’s Drug Research and Development Platform Assists Biomarker Discovery

On September 15, 2020, AI & Medicine, one of the forerunners in AI-assisted drug research and development, announced that its platform can significantly facilitate biomarker discovery, which is traditionally a very time-consuming and resource-intensive process.

Disease biomarker is a molecule that indicates changes in the physiology of a cell under diseased state and hence can be used as a diagnostic tool, therapy monitoring diseases. The demand for new biomarkers is huge in pathology, especially in cancer diagnostics. But traditionally the discovery of fully qualified biomarkers in the medical field is very challenging. It is believed that the combination of liquid biomarker biopsy and AI technology will inevitably improve the accuracy of biomarker discovery.

AI & Medicine uses in silico approaches to identify candidate biomarkers indicative of diseases.

And this in silico framework is developed based on re-utilization of pre-existing epidemiologic and

genetic data. This process includes four steps:

  • Data collection (publicly available database);
  • Create annotation database;
  • Open source architecture (Java, PHP, and MySQL);
  • Discovery of new biomarker.

Since vast information is embedded in publicly available literature sources and other information databases relevant to specific diseases, comprehensive analysis of these information has been conducted by advanced technologies. To obtain considerable data needed, techniques like lexical (pattern-matching) and linguistic (part-of-speech identification) are used to extract data from data sources, including Diseases Database, Gene Ontology, Genetic Association Database, KEGG, NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus, OMIM, PubMed, Medline, etc.

As artificial intelligence has begun to be integrated into the medical landscape, digital biomarkers have become an exciting new tool for advancing precision medicine and supporting clinical trials. In this process, bioinformatics and machine learning methods have been employed.

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About AI & Medicine

Fully aware of the difficulties and challenges faced by the research and healthcare industry in drug discovery, AI & Medicine has newly developed an AI-powered drug discovery platform to accelerate the R & D attempt process. Meanwhile, AI & Medicine’s medical and scientific solution capabilities are widely ranged, covering ADMET prediction, drug repositioning, clinical trials, patient recruitment, pharmacovigilance system, AI diagnosis and many more.

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Last Updated: 16-Sep-2020