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AI & Medicine Announces Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) Modeling for Drug Discovery

On October 24, 2020, AI & Medicine, one of the forerunners in the AI-assisted medicine area, announces it now provides PK/PD modeling service to help scientists and researchers more efficiently screen drugs and thus accelerating the process of new drug development. The company is known as an expert in applying artificial intelligence into drug discovery, personalized healthcare and various other medical applications.

PK/PD modeling is a mathematical technique used to predict the effect and efficacy of drug dosing over time. “More specifically, pharmacokinetic models describe how the body reacts to a drug in terms of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. Pharmacodynamic models describe how a drug affects the body by linking the drug concentration to an efficacy (or safety) metric. A well-characterized PK/PD model is an important tool in guiding the design of experiments and trials,” commented a senior expert from AI & Medicine.

With the progress of pharmacokinetic analysis software and computer technology, the methodology used to establish PK/PD models has been improved as well. Generally, there are 5 steps for modeling methodology research.

  • Determine the experimental model based on the dose and pharmacodynamic index pre-test. Establish the "concentration-effect" relationship and determine the preliminary model of the "dose-effect" relationship.
  • Carry out a reasonable experimental design to determine the drug dosage, sampling time, and monitoring effect time.
  • Obtain corresponding data in formal experiments.
  • Conduct preliminary research on experimental data by drawing concentration-time, effect-time and concentration-effect diagrams. Verify and improve the model determined in the pre-test.
  • The model is finally determined through the above research. Obtain the PK/PD parameters by fitting experimental data, and realize the evaluation and analysis of the experimental results.

The PK/PD model is critical to drug discovery for the following reasons: it can be used to predict the pharmacokinetic process of a new drug before in vivo testing; it helps to better analyze the characteristics of the pharmacokinetic model of the new drug, and establish a reasonable PK/PD model to assist the clinic in making drug screening decisions; it helps to speculate the route of administration and dosage. AI & Medicine has formed a team of experts excellent in PK/PD modeling, providing AI-driven solutions according to your detailed requirements. Visit to learn more.

About AI & Medicine

Fully aware of the difficulties and challenges faced by the research and healthcare industry in drug discovery, AI & Medicine has newly developed an AI-powered drug discovery platform to accelerate the R & D attempt process. Meanwhile, AI & Medicine’s medical and scientific solution capabilities are widely ranged, covering ADMET prediction, drug repositioning, clinical trials, patient recruitment, pharmacovigilance system, AI diagnosis and many more.

AI & Medicine Announces Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) Modeling for Drug Discovery

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