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Structured vs. Unstructured Data: Everything Businesses Need to Know to Effectively Manage and Interpret Data | Quantzig

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AI--With access to huge troves of business-critical data, most businesses already have the data required to make effective data-driven decisions. But to unlock the true potential of these data sets, businesses must gain a basic understanding of the different types of data available to them. This can help businesses enhance data collection and analysis to ensure they make the most of the data available to them.

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Before you jump onto the data management bandwagon, it’s crucial to understand different data structures and their role in unlocking true business value. To support you in this process and ensure you gain a basic understanding of structured vs. unstructured data, Quantzig has released a new article that analyzes the differences between structured and unstructured data.

“With all the buzz around big data, data analytics, and data management, its crucial to understand what type of data you’re referring to while making crucial business decisions,” says a data analytics expert at Quantzig.

Quantzig breaks down the distinct differences between structured and unstructured data in its recent article to help businesses break free from data complexities. Here are a few points from its recent release-

  1. More than 80% of data that is readily available to businesses is unstructured – With the growing popularity of embedded sensors and IoT, Quantzig expects this number to increase further in 2021.
  2. Unstructured data is complicated compared to working with structured data - Finding the insight buried within unstructured data is challenging. It requires a high level of technical and analytics expertise to make a difference. As such, Quantzig expects the rise in unstructured data sets to be an expensive shift for many businesses.
  3. While structured data is easy to work with, unstructured data turns out to be crucial in finding future opportunities - Structured data revolutionized paper-based systems that companies relied on for insights and decision-making decades ago. Today, unstructured data helps businesses predict future events, enabling them to make necessary changes to prevent catastrophes.

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