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MedAI Integrates Its Drug Research and Development Platform for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Earlier this month, MedAI announces to have integrated its drug research and development platform for the pharmaceutical industry. The company is specialized in AI-assisted R&D and it now provides a wide range of solutions that covers nearly every stage of early drug development, including developing drug targets, biomarker discovery, chemical drug development, protein/antibody development, prediction of drug, crystal form, ADMET prediction, repurposing existing drugs, drug formulation development.

The website outlook has also been refreshed. Now at the homepage, customers have an easy access to our five key services, which are listed below:

Complex network analysis service

MedAI has many years of experience in the research of biological complex networks, including protein interaction network analysis, prediction of unknown protein functions, metabolic network analysis, protein similarity network analysis and gene regulation network analysis. In the past years, it has worked with many research institutes and pharmaceutical companies to solve problems related to complex networks for customers.

Prediction of Protein-Protein Interaction

Compared with traditional screening methods, AI can evaluate difficult, tricky, and atypical target like protein interactions more effectively and cost-effectively. MedAI can provide an AI platform for predicting the binding of small molecules to protein targets and protein-protein interactions.

Chemical Drug Development

The AI platform offered by MedAI can be widely used in various scenarios regarding drug development. And it can help save cost by tens of billions every year for screening candidates, when compared with traditional methods.

Protein/Antibody Development

Bio-drugs are used to treat an increasing number of pathologies, including oncology. MedAI implements AI-driven solutions for the development of therapeutic antibodies. Conventional approaches for the discovery and pre-clinical development take two to three years, but MedAI’s technologies, based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), can shrink this time to a few weeks.

Data Analysis

Big data analysis will provide much more hope than hype in drug R&D. different types of data analysis are available at MedAI, including PrediXcan Based Analysis, EpiXcan Based Analysis, BSLMM Prediction, Fusion Analysis, Splice Junction Analysis, Splicing Related Genetic Variants Analysis, Sequence Specificity Analysis, etc.

For more information about MedAI’s AI-driven drug discovery platform and services, please visit

About MedAI

MedAI is missioned to solving difficulties and challenges faced by pharmaceutical industry and accelerating drug discovery process by applying AI into processes and attempts like personalized healthcare and various other medical applications. To this end, a few AI-powered drug discovery platforms have been developed, including CADD Platform, AIDD Platform, Experimental Validation Platform. All these platforms are conducive to the drug R&D projects of pharmaceutical companies.

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Last Updated: 24-Mar-2021