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Mission of Protheragen MedAI: to Seek Innovative Solutions for Drug Discovery and Life Science Research

Earlier this year, the management of Protheragen MedAI has made it clear in a statement that to seek innovative solutions for drug discovery and life science research is exactly the mission of the company.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has achieved robust development in the past decades. To bring the most out of AI, Protheragen MedAI has integrated AI technologies into every step of the drug discovery process: from early discovery to late stage clinical development.

With an aspiration to be a leader in the field of deep learning for drug discovery, personalized healthcare, and medical translation, the company has successfully created three AI-powered drug discovery platforms, namely, AIDD Platform, CADD Platform, and Experimental Validation Platform, to help increase drug candidate efficacy and safety throughout the preclinical research. These platforms have been applied successfully in collaboration with multiple pharma, biotech, and academia.

“To streamline R&D costs and procedures is a long-lasting pursuit for all drug project developers. The AI solutions provided by us can achieve such a purpose,” says a spokesperson from Protheragen MedAI. “With a strong team composed of structural biologists, medical chemists, and machine learning experts, we are looking forward to partnering with large pharmaceutical companies to co-develop drug R&D projects.”

A broad portfolio of medical and scientific solutions are provided by Protheragen MedAI, including but not limited to the following:

Chemical Drug Development, which further includes: AI-Assisted Retrosynthetic Analysis, Drug Design Service, Molecular Docking, Molecular Dynamics Analysis Service, Molecular Dynamics Simulation Service, Virtual Screening, and more.

Drug Discovery, which further includes: COVID-19 Drug Repurposing, Drug-Drug Relationship Analysis, Drug-Target Relationship Analysis, PK/PD Modeling, Target Identification, and more.

Protein/Antibody Development, which further includes: Affinity Maturation, Antibody De Novo Design, Antibody Humanization Service, Immunogenicity Assessment, Neoantigen Prediction, and more.

Complex Network Analysis Service, which further includes: Genetic Interaction Network Analysis, MicroRNA and Target, Gene Network Diagram, Pathway and Network Analysis, PPI Network Service, Residue Interaction Network Service, Series Test of Cluster Service, and more.

As always, the company aspires to become pioneers in this field by continuously inventing and deploying new AI technologies. Visit to learn more.

About Protheragen MedAI

Owing to the unparalleled expertise of its staff, Protheragen MedAI has accomplished a few projects to help simplify R&D steps and at the same time help streamline R&D costs and other input. In the future, the company will continue to cooperate with big pharma and institutions to seek more efficient drug discovery and development approaches.


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Last Updated: 27-May-2021