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Protheragen MedAI Releases Protein Structure Modeling Service

Protheragen MedAI, an expert in artificial intelligence-powered drug discovery, announces that it has released a full range of protein structure modeling services, which will definitely ease the burden of researchers in their attempt to predict the three-dimensional structure of proteins from amino acid sequence. For decades it has been a remaining challenge in the science community.

As the prediction and design methods have advanced dramatically and aso with the increases in computing power, there are more and more protein sequence and structure databases. All contribute to the greater demand for computational biophysics to fulfill the task of protein structure prediction.

“Our experts who are specialized in multiple disciplines can work closely with our clients to design experiments and get the results they need to make wise decisions so as to advance their projects,” commented the Marketing Chief of Protheragen MedAI.

The protein structure modeling service range available at Protheragen MedAI covers:

  • Homologous detection and structure comparison service
  • Antibody Modeling Service
  • Folding recognition service
  • Fusion protein modeling service
  • Same-origin modeling service
  • Membrane protein modeling service

The modeling cycle depends on the time that clients need to simulate and the time required for the system to reach equilibrium. Once finished, the simulation results will be sent to clients, together with the raw data and analysis results of molecular dynamics.

“With accurate modeling of protein structure, the cost of subsequent experiments can be greatly reduced. In other words, we should say that protein structure modeling service is actually a personalized and customized innovative scientific research service that needs tremendous expertise in multiple fields,” the Marketing Chief further added.

In addition, Protheragen MedAI also provides other in silico protein structure services such as protein structure analysis and protein structure prediction. Please visit or contact us for more details.

About Protheragen MedAI

Data science and AI are of growing significance to big pharmaceutical companies. Owing to the unparalleled expertise of a group of scientists, structural biologists, medical chemists, and machine learning experts, Protheragen MedAI provides AI solutions to streamline R&D costs and procedures. Its CADD Platform, AIDD Platform, Experimental Validation Platform have proven effects in shortening the research and development time of new drugs, reducing the cost of new drug research and development, and improving the success rate of new drug research and development.

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Last Updated: 01-Jun-2021