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Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions relate to the pay as you go (“PAYG”) advertisement service and the Curriculum Vitae or resumé (“CV”) database service and are in addition to the Website Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

    Your order for the PAYG services described here (the “PAYG Service”) or the CV database service described here (the “Database Service”) is an offer to purchase the either of the services (each a “Service”) from us. The Service will be made available to you once your payment has been authorised.

    There will be no contract of any kind between you and us unless and until you make authorised payment for a Service. At any point up until then, we may decline to supply the Service to you without giving any reason.

    The fee for the PAYG Service (“PAYG Fee”) is calculated and payable in advance as set out here. The fee for the Database Service (“Database Fee”) is calculated and payable in advance as set out in your quote, which is provided to you before you start using the Database Service (your “Quote”). We are under no obligation to provide a Service until the PAYG Fee or Database Fee, as appropriate, has been paid.

    All prices are expressed exclusive of any VAT payable unless otherwise stated.

    By making payment by credit/debit card you confirm to us that you are authorised to do so, either on your own or your employer’s behalf. Your credit/debit card details will be encrypted to minimise the possibility of unauthorised access or disclosure. The PAYG Fee and Database Fee (if paid for online) include a transaction fee (depending upon the card used) that is payable to Barclaycard Merchant Services.


    The PAYG Service allows you to buy a number of empty job advertisement spaces (“JobSlots”) and post them on a pay as you go basis to meet your business needs. Each purchased JobSlot is a one calendar month advertisement on for a single job vacancy. To extend an advertisement you will need to use additional JobSlots.

    Each JobSlot has a unique ID so deleting and reposting the same job vacancy uses two JobSlots. Deleting a JobSlot before it would normally expire does not entitle you to any form of refund or discount. Unused JobSlots do not have an expiry date.

    When you use a JobSlot you must follow these rules :

    • if you are an employment agency or business) comply with the appropriate employment agency standards, such as those contained in the Employment Agencies Act 1973 (see; and
    • not reveal any confidential or sensitive information.

    You are solely responsible for the content of the JobSlot that you submit. JobSlots must be current open positions for a job. We do not accept postings for goods or services and will delete any posting that we reasonably believe is not genuine.

    Whilst we do not control the submission of material, we may, at our sole discretion, amend, edit or delete any material submitted by you that does not comply with these terms and conditions and any applicable laws. No refund or compensation will be given if a posting is amended or deleted for this reason.

    Your JobSlots (in whole or in part) may appear on our other websites, on affiliate websites or other third party websites. This is done to increase traffic and responses to your JobSlots.


    The Database Service allows you to access our online database of candidates’ CVs. Candidates will be given the option of whether to add you to their ‘white list’. If you are on a candidate’s ‘white list’ that candidate’s CV will appear in your search results, where relevant. You will then be able to view their CV and contact the candidate about any potential job opportunities.

    Your subscription to the Database Service will last for the duration stated in your Quote. You must only use the Database Service (and the personal information you gain as a result) for the purpose of contacting candidates about job vacancies that are current open positions for a job. In particular you must not use the Database Service outside the appropriate employment agency standards, such as those contained in the Employment Agencies Act 1973 (see

    You agree to keep secret and confidential all information contained in CVs viewed during your use of the Database Service and you will not (and will ensure that your employees and/or officers will not) copy, use or disclose any such information to any third party, other than as may be necessary to contact the candidate about your job vacancy.

    You will not retain CVs you access through the Database Service for longer than is reasonably necessary to make contact with the candidate about your job vacancy, and, if the candidate moves forward to assessment or interview stage, to make an employment decision about that candidate.

    You are solely responsible for the job vacancy that you contact any candidate about. Any usernames or passwords for the Database Service to individuals within your organisation for your use of the Database Service will only be valid for as long as the individual is still in your employment. If an individual leaves your organisation but continues to use a username and password issued to you, you will be responsible for that individual’s use of the Database Service.


    Although we can offer additional promotion at extra cost if you wish (contact us for information) we can offer you no guarantees as to the number or quality of responses from candidates. Nor can we offer you any guarantee as to the suitability of candidates or the reliability of the information they provide.

    You must deal professionally and fairly with all candidates who you have contact with as a result of the Services, including following our Privacy Policy.

    It is your sole responsibility to ensure that a candidate is suitable for the vacancy for which they have applied (and we recommend you fully check references before making any offer to a candidate).


    We will use reasonable skill and care in making the Services available to you. We are continually seeking to improve the Services. So, at our discretion, we may make changes to any part of the Services provided that it does not materially reduce the functionality of your already paid for JobSlots or the Database Service.


    You will compensate us fully (including legal costs) for all losses we suffer relating to a claim by a candidate or any third party as a result of your breach of these terms and conditions or any applicable law.


    Our liability is limited to:

    • in relation to the PAYG Service, the amount of PAYG Fees paid by you to us for JobSlots which you cannot use because of our breach of these terms and conditions; and
    • in relation to the Database Service, the amount of Database Fees paid by you to us proportionate to the time left to run in your subscription which you cannot use because of our breach of these terms and conditions.

    Our liability to you shall not include indirect or consequential loss or business losses such as lost data, lost profits or business interruption.

    This clause shall not limit or affect our liability if something we do negligently causes death or personal injury or if we commit fraud.


    We reserve the right to terminate or suspend your use of the Services without notice if you are in breach of these terms and conditions.

    You can terminate your use of either Service by telling us in writing at any time. Because you purchase JobSlots and pay for your Database Service subscription in advance, no refunds will be given for unused JobSlots or Database Service subscription.

This Services are operated by PharmiWeb 2002 Limited trading as PharmiWeb Solutions, a company registered in England whose registered office is at One, Station Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, England, RG12 1QB. PharmiWeb Solutions’ company registration number is 4548862 and its VAT number is 819388977.

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