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A Cultural Fit?

A Cultural Fit?


A Cultural Fit?
Last Updated: 06-May-2014

A bad "cultural fit" is one of the main reasons that new employees move on within their first year. So when you're job hunting, remind yourself to ask the question - is this organisation's environment a good fit for me?

A couple of questions up your sleeve if you get to the interview stage can be very useful to explore the suitability.

  1. "Why is this position available?" This should give you some insight into the previous employee's career progression or dissatisfaction.
  2. "Can you describe the work environment?" this should help you find out a bit about the management style at the organisation.

Also, if you get the chance, connect with current or past employees through social media (preferably privately). You'd be surprised how open people can be about this – both good and bad!

Finally, if you get the opportunity to walk around the workspace; is it buzzing? Is it quiet? Is it dark? Make a judgement on how this suits your working style and likes.

The ultimate question is – "Will I fit into this environment?" –Remember, you could be spending a lot of time there!