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Press Releases

Can I Post a Press Release?

Yes, you can upload a press release by creating a contributor account here: 

Can I Post Multiple Press Releases?

With a basic contributor account, you are able to post a single Press Release each month. If you would like to post more, contact us for a paid options. 

Can I post bulk Press Releases to promote my research reports?

We allow limited numbers of direct promotion Press Releases to maintain the news element of our site. Contact to discuss further. 

How long do my press releases stay on the site?

Currently, press releases are not removed from the site, however, this is no guarantee that this will always be the case, and we may clear the history from time to time.

I've posted a Press Release - why can't I see it on the site?

Each Press Release is reviewed by one of our team, normally within 1 working day. If You can't see your release, it may not have been reviewed yet or may have been disapproved.

Will my Press Release be found on Google?

There are no guarantees, but press releases on typically appear in Google search within half an hour.

I've posted a Press Release, but I need to change it, how do I do that?

If you posted your Press Release via the contributor pages, you will be able to edit it there. Note that if you re-submit it, it will be reviewed again by our team. If we posted it on your behalf, contact us and we will be able to make changes for you.

I am a news agency and have a lot of Press Releases, is there a way to bulk submit these?

If you are a news agency working on behalf of your clients with true industry news, we may be able to set up scheduled import of news from an RSS or XML feed. Contact 

Are you able to post press releases for me?

In certain circumstances, we can post your Press Release for you, but it would be quicker for you to create a contributor account and post it yourself.

How many visitors does the site get in a month? receives about 170,000 visits per month (Marc 2021)

Will my press releases be found on any social media channels?

We push most news press releases to our Twitter channel (@pharminews) (not reports) - We also push some news to our LinkedIn Channels - but this is not guaranteed



Can I post articles to

Yes, you can upload an article by creating a contributor account here. Note that articles are reviewed by our team before going live.

I have an idea for an article - will it be accepted?

If you have an idea - email an outline to to find out if we will accept it before spending ages writing it.

How long can my article be?

Articles are typically 500-1000 words.

Do you have deadline dates?

no, as we are an online publication, we publish articles as we receive them.

How long will it take for my article to be reviewed/approved?

We aim to review articles within 48 hours in a working week.

If accepted, how long will my article be live?

Articles are currently not deleted, however, this is not guaranteed, and we may purge old articles from time to time.   

Do you have an editorial calendar?

We do not currently operate an editorial calendar. As an online resource, we publish topical news and articles as we receive them.

Do my articles need to be unique?

We are more likely to accept unique content, but it is not a strict requirement

Will I be able to get viewing stats for my articles?

This is not something we currently offer.

Will my article be found on Google search?

There are no guarantees, but articles are normally picked up by Google within an hour or so of publication.

I need to change a previously published article - how can I do this?

If you published it yourself through the contributor dashboard - you can make changes there - if we posted it on your behalf, contact with the title and the changes required.